January progress & training

My two strength sessions & bike tabata a week, plus my runs each week seem to be doing the trick. 👍🏻

I was aiming to do 3 Strength & bike workouts a week, but with work full time, I’m finding I can do 2 Strength & bike sessions and about 3 runs to make sure I get enough rest.

(Here’s one of my workouts).

And here’s the result of all of my training (and eating!)

I’ve maintained my weight exactly as it was on the 1st of January, (a smidgen under 10 stone or just over 63kg)… but the training I’ve done has given me some good results body composition wise.

1 Jan: 139.5lbs / 17.2% body fat
24lbs body fat / 115.5lbs other
79.3% lbm / 110.6lbs lbm
79.5cm waist / 47.3% wthr

In 4 weeks, I’ve reduced my body fat by 4.5 lbs, and I’ve increased my lean body mass by the same amount.

27 Jan: 139.5lbs / 14% body fat
19.5lbs body fat / 120lbs other
82.4% lbm / 114.9lbs lbm
76cm waist / 45.2% wthr

Down -3.2% body fat %
-4.5lbs body fat / +4.4lbs lbm
-3.5cm off waist

I’m not sure what the graph is doing, but the overall trend for my body fat is down, and muscle mass is up. And I must be eating enough to maintain and not lose or gain any more weight.

My goal is to keep dropping about 1% body fat until May, to aim to get to 12% or below on my Withings scales.

So how have I made the progress in the last month?

Kind of regular running… 66 miles across 12 runs so far this month…

(Although I admit that today I missed my run, because I decided at 3am when I couldn’t get to sleep that I’d get up. So I’ve been a bit of a zombie all day. Instead of doing a half marathon, I’ve done about 2,00p steps. 😳 I’ll have an early night, and get back on track tomorrow.)

And two strength sessions a week, with usually 20 mins of bike tabatas before or after the strength sessions:

Here’s the bike tabatas I’ve done:

And here’s the strength sessions, slowly building up my strength so that I can lift more weight in coming weeks:

I should get 11 strength and bike sessions this month, and maybe 15 runs covering 80 miles all going well.

In February I’m going to continue with the bike tabatas plus strength, aiming to lift more weight. And of course, I’ll keep my running ticking over. (I have two half marathon races to train for in March! – Inverness and Alloa). Wish me luck.

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