Wk4 into Wk5

Last week I was sore with DOMS for a couple of days after 10 miles on Saturday and my first full body weighted strength session on Sunday. I was busy at work too, so opted to listen to my body and take a couple of days rest. Just what I needed.

I rested on Wednesday morning too, then had running coaching in the evening. Thursday I felt good, and managed to get up early for my first strength session of the week. It was icy all week up to then too, another reason for taking some rest from running.

Mon: Rest (DOMS)
Tue: Rest
Wed: 3.7M easy (coaching)
Thu: 20 min bike tabatas + KB 4×6 circuit
Fri: 5M Tempo
Sat: Runners Strength + 20 min bike tabatas
Sun: 13.1M long

It was warmer on Friday, and I enjoyed a good early morning tempo run on my own before breakfast. Saturday we got into our new routine of doing a Strength workout together first thing (Fit Girl and I). Then on Sunday I did a steady half marathon.

Three runs, totalling 21.8 miles, two strength sessions with 20 min bike tabatas and two rest days. Nice and balanced. Plenty of activity and just enough rest. My sleep has been ok too, a couple of shorter sleeps, but nothing too bad.

Away from training, I got a nice present from my friend and her baby… delivered on Saturday morning. I’m very grateful to have them in my life.

I’m also grateful that we have our Garagym – it’s so good to have it on our doorstep, kitted out well and available whenever we need it.

Next week I’m away with work, but I’m aiming for three runs, three strength sessions and one rest day. The runs will hopefully get me 90 miles for January. Not bad, even if I do say so myself.

Alternating days like this – Strength Run Strength Run Strength Run Rest – maybe moving the rest day other places or sassing some more days of rest if I need it.

Here’s the plan for next week if it all goes to plan:

Mon: 20 min bike tabatas + Full body strength / Travel
Tue: Birmingham / 4M
Wed: Bodyweight HIIT / Travel
Thu: 6.7M (= 90 miles for January)
Fri: 20 min bike tabatas + KB 4×6 circuit
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M progressive long

I’ll probably be away in Aberdeen at some with work the following week so I’ll have a think then how I can fit in my training, coaching and rest around it.

All in all a good week last week, and even saw a nice rainbow just when I needed it. 👍🏻 to remind me to keep the faith and keep believing that good things will happen.

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