Wk3 into Wk4

Last week I did a good amount of running, nearly 22 miles across 4 runs, three of them coaching runs. I started the week off well again, getting an early morning Strength workout done on Monday morning (with Fit Girl).

Then a night out with work on Tuesday meant I didn’t get up early on Wednesday to train. Which was ok as I was run coaching with Susan in the evening, but I’m not exactly sticking to my plan of doing strength or running on alternate days. No harm done.

A good weekend with a strong 10 mile coaching session on Saturday, then on Sunday 3 x 4 min bike tabatas, and nearly 40 mins of challenging strength work. Back on track after a few good rest days.

I still got 2 good strength workouts done this last week, and I’ve planned to get up early to train with Fit Girl on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, next week to train in the Garagym.

Here’s what I did last week, including a couple of rest days, where I still got all my activity goals because I was busy all over the place in work.

Mon: Runner Strength + 20 min bike tabata / 4M Coaching
Tue: 3.4M lunchtime run
Wed: 4M coaching
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M coaching
Sun: Full body Strength + 20 min bike tabata

I got and put this white board in the Garagym too. It’ll be well used.

Here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: 5M Easy Run
Tue: KB Strength + bike tabata
Wed: Coaching PM SK
Thu: Runner Strength + bike tabata
Fri: Rest or lunchtime run
Sat: Full Body Strength + bike tabata
Sun: 13.1M progressive with HR 155-170. Race equivalent.

My sleep is ok, I’m trying not to pay too much attention to it, but just try to get it back on track with no coffee Mon through Saturday, and if I wake up early am I try to get back to sleep.

My weight this week has gone back up, but my body fat is still lower than it was at the start of the year. Down almost 3lbs, and my lean mass is up 3lbs. It’s that time of the month, so my weight will probably drop again next week (if I know myself well.)

Next week is about getting up early in the mornings, and getting good sleeps. Then everything else should fall into place hopefully. (Training & work etc). I’ll miss the lunchtime run at work on Tuesday as I’ll be in a meeting, but my run days will be mon wed and fri / sun, so that’s ok. Strength on the alternating days.

I entered the Inverness half marathon this morning. That’s ok the 10th March, and the Alloa half I’m entered for is on the 31st March. 7 weeks until inverness, 10 weeks until Alloa (with a wee holiday in between).

Sleep, run, strength train, eat, work. That’s what I’ll be working on next week, and probably in that order. 🙂

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