Allergic to work?

I think I might be allergic to work…

As you probably read, I had two lovely restful weeks off work over the festivities, where my brain got to rest from working full time. I was WELL pleased with getting 10 hours sleep on average a night. My sleep was so good, I didn’t even need to take naps!

I’d done well with my training in the second week off (because I had plenty of time, and had got great sleeps) – 4 runs totalling about 25 miles and 3 good strength sessions. I was feeling great!

The weekend before I went back to work I spoke with a friend who had been having insomnia, and I shared my tips for how to get to sleep and what I’ve learned in the past. I shared the titles of the two audiobooks I have about how to get the best sleep… Night School by Richard Wiseman and Why we sleep by Mathew Walker.

They go into the research and history of what we know about sleep and why it’s so important. And they go into various tips on how you can improve your sleep to become a ‘super sleeper’. I listened to them, and now I put them on in one ear on my iPod if I can’t sleep.

It usually takes my mind off what I’m thinking about, and sometimes helps me get to sleep. Some of the chapters include research and studies that show if you don’t sleep, you die. So if that’s not a motivation I don’t know what is.

I was feeling quite successful having nailed my sleep like I was whilst on leave, and I reluctantly told my friend I’d had great 10 hours sleep for two weeks. Like everything I’d learned was finally working for me and I wanted to help him if I could too. (I did apologise after saying that out loud!)

I had a feeling the honeymoon would probably end soon (sleeping 11pm – 9am), as I’d be going back to work, and tried to get up earlier than I had been doing so that I’d get my body clock ready for this week (aiming to sleep 9pm – 6am).

I knew I had a busy start back to work this week, so logged in remotely on Thursday to check and clear emails and get set up for Monday. Then I turned off for a few more days and kept having good sleeps, even on the dreaded Sunday night before going back to work.

I thought I’d done well, I even managed to leave work on time on Monday! Magic I thought, I’ve nailed this!

Then Monday night, I had managed to do some training that day (even though it was on the Monday night at 6pm), and an early night, in bed just after 9pm as planned…

And then… at 2:30am Tuesday … ping, I was wide awake. Aaaaarrrrggh. Thinking about, you guessed it, work!

Things to do, things I hadn’t done, things I remembered, people I remembered. I tried my best and did all the things I know to do.

– stay in bed, take my mind away from my thoughts into an audiobook and hopefully drift off. – don’t worry about not sleeping or the time.
– if in bed not sleeping for more than 30 mins get up.
– I was too warm, so I got up to get a drink of water and a wee snack. – I lay on the sofa in the livingroom, wrapped up but not too warm. – rested, relaxed, made sure I was in the dark.
– went back to bed about 4:30am to try to sleep there again.

Ooft. Now I had planned an early morning run, so I’d need to be uk at 6 or 630am, but I needed my sleep as I wasn’t going to get the sleep I’d wanted. Maybe 5-7 hours. I ran at lunchtime instead.

Then Tuesday night, earlyish night again, in bed for 10pm at the latest … and rather annoyingly again … 2:30am, ping wide awake. Aaaaaarrrgghh.

So today, I’ve purposely not had any coffee and I’ve created a to do list in work and done a lot of it. (It is said / proven that if you write your thoughts down and think about what you’ll do to deal with them, you sleep better). Fingers crossed for a better sleep tonight.

I might have a bath, as it’s also proven that if you have a bath, your body warms up, then when you get out it cools down… and that’s what it does when it gets ready to sleep.

I haven’t exercised today (Wednesday), because I had a lie in instead today to try to catch up on my sleep this morning. And I’m starting to wind down and put the devices away etc.

I’ll try to nail this sleep thing and then look at my training for the rest of the week. Maybe: Mon: Strength & Tabata, Tue: 5k Run, Wed: Rest, Thu: Strength & Tabata, Fri: Run, Sat:Strength & Tabata, Sun: Long Run.

I might be allergic to work, and waking up and not able to get back to sleep for ages, but one thing I’ve learned is that there’s no point in being worried or upset about it. Time to try to become a super sleeper as well as a super worker!

What are your tips for getting a good nights sleep?

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