Wk1 into Wk2 & Progress

I’ve had a good couple of weeks off work… lots of walks, loads of sleep and a refocus this last week on my training and doing something every day. I kept it simple, easing myself back in… bike tabatas and strength one day, then a run the next day, with walks sprinkled in nearly every day.

My sleep has probably been the best thing I’ve improved. I described December as me ‘limping towards the holidays’ and that it was. With a busy workload, and starting to feel a bit burned out with a light cold coming on, I was glad to get a wee break over the festive period.

During December I was getting 5-8 hours sleep a night, with an average of 7-8 a night week on week. Then boom … in the holidays…an average of just over 10 hours a night. Quite a difference, and I’m hoping to follow this through into the start of the year.

I’ll be up earlier to train at 6-730am ish, but I’m hoping to get to bed / sleep earlier too.

I posted this link on my Facebook page the other day, https://www.girlsgonestrong.com/blog/fat-loss/hierarchy-of-fat-loss/ the hierarchy of fat loss – 1. Nutrition 2. Sleep 3. Stress 4. Daily Movement 5. Training. Have a read, it’s a good article. So it’s not just diet and exercise, there are lots of factors that play their part in being healthy.

Anyway, here’s how my training I did in the last two weeks:

Mon: Rest / 30 min walk
Tue: Rest / 45 min walk
Wed: 4.3M easy run incl 4 stairs reps
Thu: 2.8M + 4.6M (13.6M to go)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8.2M

Plenty rest and walks and a few runs to help me get my 1,000 miles for the year.

Mon: 5.4M easy run = 1,000 miles
Tue: 4M walk + Bike Tabata + Runner Strength
Wed: 3M walk + 6k Run
Thu: Bike Tabata 2 + KB 80/20 Strength + 5M walk & give blood
Fri: 5.5M easy Run + 2M walk
Sat: Bike Tabata 20:40 + Full Body Strength
Sun: 10M long run

On Saturday I had a nice day visiting friends, and on Sunday I’m doing a long run and meeting Audrey as part of the run. Then spending my last day off with Fit Girl. Eating out probably and doing something fun hopefully.

Above was my training and activity for last week, and below was my stats / measurements on 1 January.

Somehow my weight had peaked at its highest for a long time, eeeking towards 10 stone. And my body fat peaked too.

1 Jan: 139.5lbs / 17.2% body fat
24lbs body fat / 115.5lbs other
79.3% lbm / 110.6lbs lbm
79.5cm waist / 47.3% wthr

So I planned my training and did it and was just a bit more careful about eating only when I needed it. Not overeating, and being more conscious about what I consume. I still had some treats but generally only when I had a large calorie burn from running.

And here’s the progress, which I’m pretty pleased with:

6 Jan: 137.7lbs / 14.4% body fat
19.8lbs body fat / 117.9lbs other
81.9% lbm / 112.8lbs lbm

-4.2lbs body fat / +2.2lbs lbm = down 2lbs

I’m wondering if it has something to do with giving blood on Thursday, or if the training and being careful with not overeating is really working. Either way, it’s good progress for my first week back at focusing on training to my goals. Easing myself in.

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue when work is included in the picture too. I’ll be careful to take rest if I need it and if I don’t do 3 runs and 3 strength sessions a week I’ll probably be prioritising rest or sleep over training.

The strength work has been good this last week. Little and often and my saddle soreness seems to have worn off. I’m doing a 20 minute HIIT session on the bike, including the warm up, cool down and recoveries, then I’m going on to do strength sessions. I haven’t had much doms, so that’s good.

Now here’s the plan for next week. Mostly a repeat of this week, settling into my strength work and running 3-4 times a week.

Mon: Bike Tabata + Runners Strength + Finisher
Tue: Run + 5k lunchtime
Wed: Bike Tabata + KB 80/20 + Finisher
Thu: Run
Fri: Bike Tabata + Full body Strength + Finisher
Sat: Run (or rest)
Sun: Rest (or Run or Strength)

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