Festive Fun & Walks & 31st pint

My two weeks off work for the festive period are coming to a close and I’ve had a good relaxing time. Plenty sleep (averaging 10 hours a night – yahoo!) … lots of walks and eating out and some runs and easing myself back into training this week.

The lots of sleep has been great, getting up when we want to… which has usually been around 9am…I’ve had such good sleeps that I haven’t felt like I’ve needed naps, just what I needed after a busy end to the year.

I need to get into an earlier routine (and back in the gym), so today I set the alarm for 7am and was in the gym for about 8am to do a bike Tabata and a kettlebell session before the day started.

(I’ll need to try to get myself up early tomorrow and the weekend to get me back into getting up really early for training then work – adjust my body clock back.)

After breakfast we walked into town for 11am and went to the Purrple Cat Cafe near the Trongate… you can book online and you pay a ‘welfare charge’ of £5 per person and can sit and play with over 20 cats (and kittens) and have coffee and cake if you want to.

There were some older cats, and some very young playful kittens, and a couple of playful cats too. We had a coffee each, but kept leaving the coffee to play with the cats. Lol.

After and hour in cat heaven, we headed over to the bank for me to deposit my annual elephant savings (including 5 x old £1 coins – yes, the banks still take them thankfully).

That’ll pay for my new Garmin viviosmart that got delivered today. It’s nice and sleek, and gives more info than the vivosmart 3 that I had. (I’m selling my old vivosmart 3 here, if you’re interested – email me lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk).

We then booked me an appointment at the Glasgow Blood Centre so I could give my 31st pint of blood. I like to give blood 2-3 times a year if I can… but in February 2018 my haemoglobin levels were too low, so I went back in July, to have given 2 donations this year. I booked an appointment for 1440 today which gave us time to get a good lunch beforehand.

We went into the Social and I had a very tasty pork and chorizo cheese burger and fries…perhaps a little greedy, but I figured I’d need the strength before giving blood. 🙂 plenty water too.

We seem to have done a lot of walking this holiday – 16,000 steps today… and similar steps the other days too. 12.5k steps a day on average in the last 4 weeks.

We’ve mainly just stuck around Glasgow, but been to many different parks and places. Parks and walks we’ve been on / to on this fortnight off work include:

– Bellahouston 🌳
– Pollok 🌳
– Festival 🌳
– Queens 🌳 (Eating lunch at Ollies)
– Linn 🌳 (Eating lunch at the Bank)
– Maxwell 🌳
– Kelvingrove 🌳
– Clyde 🚣‍♀️
– Mugdock Reservoir 💦
– Glasgow City Centre (cat cafe 🐈 , lunch out 🍔 & giving blood ❣)

Some nice wee winter days out, all balanced out. I think the next one will be Victoria Park on Friday if we get a chance.

We’ve cleared all of our decorations away, and met a few people for catch ups. This weekend I’m going to visit friends (including a very special wee girl) and then on Sunday I’m doing some running coaching with someone who is training to do the London Marathon.

This week I’ve managed to keep up with my training plans and done some more walking too:

Mon: 5.4M easy run
Tue: Bike Tabatas + Runner Strength (4M walk)
Wed: 6k easy run (3M walk)
Thu: Bike Tabatas + KB 80/20 Strength (6M walk)
Fri: 4-5 miles steady run
Sat: Bike Tabatas + Runners Strength + Finisher
Sun: 10M coaching run

Here’s me after giving blood with the usual tunnocks teacake (and I might have stuffed a tunnocks caramel in my bag secretly too – shhhhh).

The plan training wise next week is to keep it simple, alternating days of Strength vs Run days… Mon, Wed, Fri = Strength… Tue, Thu, Sat = Runs. And I’ll be back to walking to and from work. :-). No more cat cafes or giving blood for the foreseeable though. 🙂

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