2018 monthly data & 2019 goals

Yesterday I pulled some data from my Garmin connect. I’ve had a Garmin for just over 9 years after receiving my first for Christmas 2009. I’ve had 7 Garmins since I got my first: 410, 610, 620, vivosmart, 920xt, 735xt, 645 Music.

If you like numbers and graphs like I do, you might like this post …

These totals show that I’ve run 9,600 miles in 9 years, spending just over a week on average each year, running. 1 week out of 52 running each year. No idea how I managed to round it nearly exactly up to 9,600…bit of a fluke.

My average distance over the last few years has stuck around 6 miles per run, and my average cadence has steadily increased, year on year (probably thanks to the metronome function on my last three garmins – aiming for 180).

My average heart rate has steadily increased too, but this year it was the same as last, and I was faster on average, so I’m hoping I’m fitter this year than I was last. Maybe? My vo2 max estimate ended up at 51 this year, which is good compared to previous months / years.

I’ve done about 5 million steps in 2018 a similar amount to previous years.

I seem to burn around 93,000 calories a year running, which should keep me able to eat some more (mars bars) as long as I keep running / training (I’ve burned about 400 normal sized mars bars a year).

On that, and I don’t blame you if you get bored of this from now on, but stick with me if you want to… I noticed that the months that I run less (June 2018 and Oct – Dec 2016) … my weight (not unsurprisingly) creeps up…

In June this year, I had a cold for some of it and only managed to run 50 miles compared to an average 85 miles a month. It’s because I eat like I still run, but I don’t run as much so the extra calories aren’t burnt off and they stick.

Here this graph shows my weight monthly, versus my running miles monthly. High mileage at the start of the year (marathon training) and I was at my lowest weight in February. Those three months were after some consistent strength training at the end of 2017.

Then my weight stayed stable through April and May with steady / average mileage and it creeped up in June.

Then an anomaly is October where my weight went up and I’d done 100 miles, but I was strength training then, so it wasn’t body fat that was going on, it was a little bit of lean mass. November and December I ran, but didn’t Strength train and was busy at work, hence the increase in body fat.

Here’s the mileage graph next to body fat %.

My aims for the start of 2019 up to May time is to strength training three times a week and train for the Alloa half marathon in March, and maybe the Inverness earlier in March, and another one in May or June.

That should help me focus on keeping my mileage up, and do strength training too.

Here are my goals for the start of 2019:

1 – Three strength sessions a week with the aim of lowering my body fat to <15% or less.

2 – Half marathon training to complete 1-2 events in March.

3 – Round up miles each month again (to the nearest 5 or 10).

4 – Find another event to do in May or June.

That’ll do for now.

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