Elephant savings 2018

It’s time to crack open my elephant savings for this year. I started putting £1 coins in it after my brother gifted it to me in 2015, and in 2016 I saved about £120. I save £1 coins in it all year, then crack it open in late December / January.

In 2017 I got £75 and with me using cash less and less (using Apple Pay more) I figured I’d have even less in 2018.

I cracked it open tonight and counted it all out – £89 (including 5 x old £1 coins which I’ll hopefully get accepted at my bank – I didn’t notice putting them in). Yahoo!

2016 – £120
2017 – £75
2018 – £89

That’ll pay for a Christmas jumper I got in the sales (Christmas jumper number 6!) and a foldable weights bench I bought for our Garagym. (This year’s haul will go straight into the credit card to pay for them).

Thank you to my elephant (and to my brother Ewen for gifting me it in the first place).

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