Elephant number 15

The post lady surprised me this morning with a nice wee present from my good friend Emma this morning. I recognised the writing on the envelope straight away.

I opened it up and it was a little tiny black elephant all the way from Mexico… made of obsidian, she said it’s to remind me that there is good and bad in everyone.

And she also sent me this wee book too – Create Magic by Jason Vale. I like the idea of creating magic for others, and today Emma created that little bit of magic for me, just like happened the other day when I got the Christmas cards through the post from two very special people.

And the kind words I got from others who appreciated my help throughout the year. Or when I slipped the homeless person a fiver the other day without anyone else noticing. And the little presents I got others and the thanks for the presents I got for people. A bit of magic, because we can.

So this is now my 15th elephant I have in the house, but don’t worry, they’re all spread out and most are small so you don’t really notice that the place is overrun by elephants! 🙂 (and I keep one in my car too lol).

Thank you Emma, very much appreciated. 👍🏻 I think I’ll call the elephant Jason lol.

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1 Response to Elephant number 15

  1. suzymmc says:

    When I married my husband, I married his elephant collection which is several hundred strong….

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