My 2018 in months and pictures

Here’s a summary of my 2018… a new job, a few events and a big holiday to New York City. It was a year of quite a bit of travel for me, and I visited quite a lot of people I care about too.

I was lucky enough to coach quite a few women, and it was great to see them build up their training and achieve their goals. Looking back I seem to have crammed in quite a lot.

In January, I started my marathon training for the London Marathon. I’d spent the last 3 months of 2017 strength training with Ross Jackson from lean lads lifestyle, and I’d put on just over 6lbs of lean body mass. My body fat had stayed the same, just shows you what you can do by including strength training. I also booked the Inverness half marathon that month too.

I started a new job on the 22nd of January and it turned into a really good change for me. Initially an attachment for six months it was extended to 15 months and we’ll see where it goes from there. It’s been great helping BBC Scotland get ready for a new channel being launched in late February 2019. I’ve helped with the recruitment of the people we’ll need for it.

In February, I built up my long runs for my marathon training. Typical training for my long runs included 20 miles one weekend, and 18.2 another, then 16.2 and 12.2 as a recovery week. I also got my number for the Inverness half marathon.

In March I bought a foam roller for the first time ever, and started using it. The beast from the east hit early on in the month, and I did a treadmill run in a hotel, my plantar fasciitis came back a bit, so I treated it with massage. And then on the 12 March I ran the Inverness half marathon.

I did 18 miles that day, the half marathon itself was pretty steady, 1:49 / 8:21 min miles. I’m tempted to run it again in 2019 as it’s a good event. In 2018 I merged a trip with work to spend time in the office up there with the half. I was the 135th woman across the line, and all in all I had a good day (although I do remember being tired after it).

We also had a week in Fuerteventura in March, which seems like a very long time ago. We had a lot of saunas and relaxation, along with me keeping active with some swimming, some bodyweight work and a few runs and walks.

April was all about the London marathon. I’d done all of my training for it and I was ready for it. I looked back at my marathons, they range from 3:28 in 2013 running all over glasgow, to 3:57 at Loch Ness with Fit Girl in 2015. I had trained to try to get a time closer to 3:28 or 3:40 maybe, but the conditions in the day kiboshed that.

It was hot, 24-26’C and I sensibly changed my target to try to get under 4 hours. I knew the heat would make me work harder at a slower pace, and time doesn’t really matter to me that much. That being said, I managed to finish in 3:59:57… right on target. I finished thinking I was the best runner in the world ever… lol.

As ever it was an amazing experience, made even better by meeting Siobhan properly at the start area (I met her in the last 2 miles of the 2016 London marathon and we clicked, she’s an ace runner from Sussex).

And made even better by being looked after by my good friend Lesley, she got me at the end and showed me where to go to get home to the hotel, when my brain wasn’t quite in it. And she bought me dinner too, which was very nice of her.

After the marathon I wrote this …the things they don’t tell you happen after you runs marathon. I think I’ll take some time out from marathons and will read this if I think about it soon. I’ll never say never as they truly are great challenges and amazing when you do them, but they’re hard, and I want to remember that so I don’t do one every year.

May was a month of recovery and weirdly I came off caffeine too. I felt good about three weeks after the marathon, and did other bits and pieces like gardening.

We also had a trip and couple of overnights in Dalbeattie where we did a couple of Forrest walks and runs. I entered a couple of races, the OUTrun in August and the Scottish Half Marathon on the 23rd September.

In June I ran the glasgow women’s 10k again, and got in about my garden a bit more. I got a pain in my neck and got a massage to help with it. I was busy at work, and also got a cold. June was my lowest mileage month, at around 60 miles with illness and busy-ness.

In July I bought my new wee camera, my Nikon keymission 80. A great wee purchase that allows me to take the camera (which is only 75 grams) on Runs with me, then the pics Bluetooth to it phone after it.

I went to Turning Point Scotland to see how your £1,300 donations for me running the London marathon would be used. I also gave my 30th pint of blood.

I did running and strength in July … I dropped 3lbs of body fat, and out on 1lb of lean body mass.

In August I ran the OUTrun in Kelvingrove Park, and had been in my new role for 6 months and was really enjoying it.

At the end of July, I spent the weekend with my dad and shared ice cream and some walks with him in Stonehaven. It was nice to see him again in November just recently too (walks, but no ice freaks as it was too cold).

At the end of August I travelled to near London to visit my uncle Derek and aunt Joyce. I ran there and also went for walks with my uncle. It was nice to catch up with them and see their new house.

In early September, Fit Girl and I went to New York for 10 days. We had a great time and saw lots. I met ET which just about made my life (lol), and we ran around Central Park, as well as lots of sight seeing, walking, eating and enjoying ourselves.

After we got back I ran the Scottish half marathon in Musselburgh. One of my favourite little people Emily lives there with my good friends her parents Robbie and Siobhan.

So I spent a good weekend with them, where Robbie ran his first half marathon, and I ran this event for the first time. It was a good event, well organised and a nice route. After that I treated myself to a new Garmin, a Garmin 645 music, a great running watch.

In late September, I felt a bit like I wasn’t able to make it out of my bed early for runs, so I thought it’d be a good idea to set something up at work. With winter coming up, I knew this would be a good motivator for me and for others I work with.

A wee running group on Tuesday lunchtime. I emailed a few people I know are runners in BBC Scotland and then set up a Facebook group. So I’ve got some new running pals and they have too.

It seems to have been quite popular, and now has over 50 members in the group. Numbers tend to go from about 3 (in December) to 12 one day after it was publicised internally.

It was set up really as a motivation for all to get out running, no pressure, no racing, just fun running and chatting. 5k at lunchtime on a Tuesday, and a place for people to post to get company on other days too.

I made most runs up to about mid November then meetings and lunches took over, but I’m hoping to be back to it in January.

October was the month I got back into my strength training. I managed to do around 12 Strength sessions in about 5 weeks. And I saw my body change as a result of it. I also did the glasgow half marathon at the start of the month, and Moira’s 5k at the end of the month.

I did the Glasgow Half with Audrey who did brilliantly, getting very close to her pb without really meaning to.

At the end of October, I ran Moira’s 5k in Queen’s Park – some of it with jo, and met some other runners that day too.

November, I did a bit of travelling, this was the start of me travelling quite a bit. I’d been in London the last week of October with work (and ran around Regent’s Park), then went to Inverness to meet my best friends baby twin boys for the first time… then up to wick for my nephews 14th birthday.

I kept running ticking along, but strength work seemed to fall off a bit. Ideally I’d like to run 3 times a week and do Strength 3 times a week, but where socialising, family and friends come in, I prioritised those instead. And I’m good with that.

I also ran with my brother and saw a couple of special people from my childhood. Pat and John have known me all my life, and whilst I was talking to pat, she was knitting away, so I asked her if she’d make me a jumper, and about a month later this comfy nice jumper popped through the post from her. (Excuse the bad hair!!)

In December I felt a little like I was limping towards the end of the year. A trip to Shetland at the start of the month was made more of a challenge, when a week or so before I was asked to travel to Salford with work, the Tuesday of that week.

I got on a leadership course in work, but it meant an all day trip to and from Salford on the Tuesday, then Shetland Thursday Friday. All after a trip to Aberdeen the week before. Work seemed to busy up too, Recruitment being crammed in before the end of the year. And in January we have lots of people starting, so I ended to get ready for that.

Exercise wise, I had planned to keep my strength training up, but couldn’t face the gym in the cold… the last strength session is done was at my Dad’s at the end of November – a kettlebell 80/20 workout. I will get back to it in January.

Running – my goal was 80 miles for the month, and 1,000 for the year. I should get there – with only about 25 miles to go, but I’ll need to get out and run, simple. 🙂

In the middle of the month I had fun with kirsty and Victoria from work when we did the glasgow Santa Dash. The morning of it I couldn’t see it far enough, but once I got there I was glad I’d taken time out to do it.

In December I’ve seen the balance I aim to get between work and life go off a bit – working lots, because I want to and maybe feel like I need to, but I need to get more of a balance in 2019. Occasional long days are ok, but not all the time like it seemed to start to become a habit in December.

I did seem to get some smashing photos on my early morning runs in December, with my new Nikon Keymission 80 camera which seems to have been discontinued, which is a shame.

Throughout the year, my weight has ended up being very similar to the start of the year. Going up and down slightly based on what I’ve been doing (Strength training and running or walking etc).

My overall weight has increased by 0.1lb… and my body fat has gone up by just over 1% but that’s probably just the difference of Oct-Dec 2017 weight training and not doing that in Nov-Dec 2018.

This year I’ve run with quite a lot of people, and in a lot of different places around the uk and the world. It’s been fun.

New York Central Park
London Regent’s Park

Over to my coaching, and I’ve coached, Audrey, Nicola, Susan, Lisa, Sharon and Tania this year. And I helped Donna and Liz train for their first half marathon this year too. Audrey did the London marathon this year plus other events, Nicola did the New York Marathon and a couple of half’s, and Lisa did the Dublin Marathon.

Sharon has overcome some really big challenges in the last year and Susan and Tania are starting their journeys to train for the London marathon in 2019. All of you have done amazing this year and it’s been great to have been able to help you.

All in all 2018 has been a busy year, full of fun and meeting and running with people I like.

I’ll write about my goals for 2019 soon, but how was your 2018? What did you achieve? Did you have fun? Did you spend time with all the people you’d hoped to?

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