30.9 miles to go

I woke up at 5:34 this morning… tossing and turning – this has been happening a lot these last few weeks. 1am, 2am, 5am, 6am. I need a holiday. Anyway, I tried not to toss and turn this morning, but in the end gave up and got up at just after 6am.

Dressed and downstairs in my running gear, I spent some time waking up and ate a banana as I was starving for some reason. My plan was to run 6 miles, but already I was thinking I could just do 4 instead.

I decided I’d run over to the southside, on a Version of a 5 mile route I do. Up to Queen’s Park then over Battlefield and I’d take it from there. I love running early as you seem to have the roads to yourself. The later it got though, the busier it got with cars.

A mile into it I was considering making it just 4 miles, 2 miles in I went to plan and went over to Queen’s Park. By 3 miles in I was feeling good. Heart rate easy and steady, ticking along nicely. By mile 4 I felt amazing, like I was floating, running along like clockwork, in an addictive rhythm. Endorphins kicked in and running downhill.

I ended up running down towards the Clyde and west along it… Over a couple of bridges finishing having done 7 miles, a mile over what I’d planned. And feeling good with it. An easy autopilot run.

The weather could have been nicer, smirry rain and not he warmest, but it is winter / December after all.

I had my music playing and my watch giving me updates on my pace and heart rate (an Australian lady in my ears 😜).

I took my wee camera again (Nikon Keysession 70) and took a few blurry shots mid run. Then got this one just before I got home.

After that effort this morning I’ve got 30.9 miles to go to get my 1,000 mile goal for the year. And if I keep up my motivation like this, I might just do it.

This was my first run on my own in a while, and it was really good. Thinking through things, listening to music, floating on autopilot to the end. 🙂 avg HR 148 max 160.

All dark this morning, and it still is at 8:15am… roll on Spring.

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