Wk50 into Wk51

Did I tell you last week that on Saturday I felt the sniffles come on… nothing bad, just what felt like the start of a cold. I was careful and tried to prevent it getting worse, took some lemsip or paracetamol, and made sure got plenty of good sleeps over the weekend.

By Sunday I thought it was inevitable that I’d be full of the cold, but I felt ok. And felt ok to run the Santa Dash. But I decided I’d take it easy and not push it. If my body was trying to fight something off, it didn’t need me Pushing it with running hard.

I ran there and had a nice wee enjoyable run, then went for breakfast with Kirsty and Victoria. And walked the 1.5 miles home. Making sure I didn’t overdo it, and I had a pretty restful weekend too.

Work has been very busy in the last few weeks since the end of November, and the travelling all I’ve probably hasn’t helped either. So whilst I had plans of training most days last week, I let work seep in and swapped training days I’d planned for rest days. And took advantage of an all over massage with Lorraine on Wednesday.

By Monday I was feeling fine cold wise, I seemed to have fought it off, or scared it off with my Santa suit? On Monday night I did a coaching session with Susan – tempo running, she worked hard and we did a total of about 5.5 miles.

On Tuesday I took a rest day, but ended up being at work quite late. Then on Wednesday I had a run with my work Twinnie planned. It managed to force me out of my bed, and we had a good fun 6M run going to see the lights at George Square.

We also got treated to a lovely sunrise. It’s almost worth the cold weather, seeing sights like this in the December / Winter mornings.

That day I left for work and I got two Christmas cards through the post. From two very special women in my life, from my childhood. I’ll always recognise their writing anywhere. A nice reminder of those people I care about and those that care about me and will always be there for me.

Later in the week I got a card from my aunts friend Sylvia. I think of my granny and how she used to be so particular about writing letters and cards and making sure she thanked people for presents and cards. I know there’s a push not to send cards any more, but I like to for the handful of people who are special to me.

Wednesday night I got that massage from Lorraine. And I could honestly say to her that I didn’t feel like I had the cold. It seemed to be here a little, then got scared off. But I still felt tired, so I Figured I could do with a few more rest days.

Long day on Thursday at work again… I’m on holiday soon (so I’ll get a rest then)… I took a rest day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I could have run on Friday, but decided the rest was more needed.

All the while my 80 mile target for December (and my 1000 mile target for the year) quietly slipping away, but I knew rest was needed.

I’m at 32.7 miles for December and I’m just over half way through it. So I have 47.3 miles to do in about 2 weeks. Should be achievable, unless I’m struck down with the Lurgy, so I need to be careful and listen to my body like I was last week.

On Thursday morning I was treated to this sunrise whilst walking to work:

Four rest days this week, plenty hours at work, and three run days this week. My sleep has been interrupted in the last week, repeatedly waking up about 1am not able to get back to sleep.

That can’t be good for me, but I know when I’m off work next week it’ll get better and I’ll be able to get mega sleeps. I’ll try better next week.

The cold seemed to have disappeared without coming to anything, then all of a sudden on Saturday the sniffles came back again. Aaaahhhhhhh. Lemsip, Rest and sleep again to try to fight it off.

And even an easy 4.5 mile run this morning to try to get the endorphins going again to fight it off again like seemed to work last week. Fingers crossed.

I’ll keep an eye on it. And if I feel ok today into Monday, I’ll aim to run as follows next week:

– Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat or Sun
– Rest on Thu and one day at the weekend
– Strength on Wed AM if I’m up to it.

I didn’t do Strength last week, I just couldn’t face it. The sleep / lie in would have done me better probably. Last week was a good rest of balancing rest, work and three runs, and hopefully it’ll prevent me from tipping over into a cold. But we will see.

One more week at work (with maybe a trip to London on Thursday 🙄), then it’s two weeks off for me. I’m looking forward to the break.

Life is about getting a balance so you remain healthy and happy and I might be just at the end of my tether with my body trying to tell me to rest and have a break.

I’m probably working too many hours at work, and not getting a proper balance because of that, but it won’t be for long, then I’ll get a break.

I’m hoping this cold stays away and then I get to rest in my two weeks off work over the festives. We’ll see what happens next week.

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