Wk49 into Wk50

Last week work took over a bit… Monday was a normal day, then Tuesday I was up early to travel to Salford for a course, and got back after 10pm. Wednesday I was up early and went into work fir a day that ended up being about 12-13 hours long.

I got lots done, and saw some of the pilots for the new news programme go out too. Which was very exciting and what we’ve all been working towards this year. It’s great to have been involved like I have been. I feel very lucky to have helped get everyone into work on the programme.

Three rest days from exercise anyway. My legs were a bit sore from strength on Sunday anyway, so the rest was appreciated and probably needed.

On Wednesday I text my work Twinnie to ask if she’d run with me on Thursday morning. I honestly knew that I wouldn’t get up early if I was planning a run on my own, and luckily for me she agreed to run with me (even though she’d been on a night out the night before). She’s hardcore.

3: Rest
4: Rest Salford
5: Rest
6: 4.6M Travel / Shetland
7: 3.1M Shetland / Travel
8: Rest
9: 5k Santa Dash (4.6M in total)

I packed to go to Shetland on Thursday am, got done work done, then got a flight to Shetland in the afternoon. It was a bit windy on the flight and I felt a little travel sick with the turbulence. Same on the way back, flying into 50mph winds into Glasgow and sitting next to the propeller. 🤢🤮

I’d also felt a bit travel sick on the train on Tuesday, sitting facing backwards, and doing some work on my iPad. I looked up after an hour and realised I felt queezy. Oops. So I stopped working and sat in a forward facing seat for the next 2 hours.

The sunset on Thursday flying up to Shetland was nice, but the turbulence in the plane wasn’t very nice.

In Shetland we had a late dinner and lateish night, and I woke at 4am unable to sleep. I figured I might as well run a5k in the morning before work. It was cold, dark, a little wet, and a bit windy – as expected.

At one point about 2 miles in I turned right away from the sea and was blown up the road. That was pretty cool and I’m just grateful that I had the wind behind me instead of in my face.

I did three runs including today’s Santa Dash.. and I’ve done 16.8M so far in December. That means I’m probably a bit behind in my goal for 80 miles this month, so I plan to get back to some regular training next week. I still walked just over 10k steps a day, even with the rest days.

I also didn’t do any strength training last week, so time to get a balance between work, Rest, strength training and running. I’m coaching twice, so that should help. I just need to get myself up most mornings and have a good rest day on Friday and Sunday.

Here’s my plans

10: Full Body Strength 2 + PM coaching
11: 5M + PM Coaching
12: 5-6M wi Twinnie into town
13: Upper Body Strength 2
14: Rest
15: 10M
16: Rest

That’ll be me at about 42 or 43 miles for the month, half way through the month, so back on target for 80 miles this month and 1,000 miles this year.

Last note is that on Saturday I felt a little tickle of perhaps a cold starting … it seems to have died down, but that’s what a lot of work, a lot of hours and travel can do. So I’ll be careful to monitor it and i was careful to take it easy today.

I have a busy couple of weeks at work coming up, with nine days of interviews, over 10 working days – fitting them all in before the end of the year … so I’ll need to be careful not to over do it, and take care of myself. 👍🏻

Oh and the week after next week is Christmas party week so I’d better keep well for that too! Think I’ll wear my Christmas jumper to work tomorrow. 🤪😂🎅🏻🏃‍♀️

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