5k in Shetland

I’m not sure why, but before I came away to Shetland with work, I nearly talked myself out of running when I was there. It’d be dark, cold, wet, windy, I’d need to take my trainers and gear, I’d be busy… blah blah blah.

In fact the weather wasn’t too bad. It was a bit windy at points but luckily it was behind my back. I also got a little soaked too, but not too bad.

So I was out the door for just after 7am and ran around one of the main roads in Lerwick. And I’m glad I took my stuff and went for a run.

A nice wee 5k, taking in the sights in the dark (and trying not to get lost). I took my phone with me and checked the maps this time, unlike in London in October.

There were some hills, and some lights, some ferries and plenty of cars, people up early to go about their day.

Here’s me I my massive room in the Shetland Hotel after the run. For some reason I got two rooms that had been knocked into one.

Breakfast is at 815am, hopefully a big Scottish one, then it’s a day of work before trying to fly back to get into Glasgow in 45mph winds tonight. Wish me luck!

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