Wk47 & 1,000 mile goal for 2018

So far this week, things have almost gone to plan training wise for me. I didn’t run on Tuesday morning (I blame my super fleecy bed sheets keeping me in bed instead of getting up for a run)… but I’ve done my 70 miles for November, and travelled to Aberdeen with work.

Here’s what I’ve done this week:

Mon: Lower Strength

Tue: 5M coaching

Wed: Rest & up early to travel

Thu: 6.7M easy

Fri: Rest

Sat: 4.5M Run & Walk

Sun: 80/20 strength & Finisher

Storm Diana didn’t stop me on Thursday, I was up early to run, and managed to miss the wind mostly. But it was pretty windy and rainy, and I did get a little soaked. I also didn’t know the route very well, but managed to get 6.7 miles done. And I was pleasantly treated with this rainbow in the afternoon.

My brother has a good thing he does – living in Wick it can get very windy and he’s learned to use the BBC weather app as a way to decide if he’ll run outdoors or not. If the wind arrows are black, he doesn’t run outdoors. So probably anything above 30mph. Probably sensible.


I mentioned I’ve done 70 miles in November. I could have run on Friday but decided I wouldn’t because of the weather. I’ll probably just run on Saturday instead.

Here’s my progress with my 1,000 mile annual challenge. I have 80 miles to do in December, which should be achievable, even with winter and some travelling.

Jan: 100
Feb: 105
Mar: 100

Apr: 80
May: 75
Jun: 50

Jul: 90
Aug: 80
Sep: 70 = 750

Oct: 100 = 850
Nov: 70 = 920
Dec: 80 = 1,000

My trainers got soaked on Thursdays run, but they dried off eventually. Damn winter, I can’t wait for it to be over… we have a few months to get through.

It was cold on the run on Saturday morning, but the wind and rain had gone which was a relief. 40 minutes this time, along the front then up to the Dunnottar Woods and back.

And I was treated to this view down at the beach, which was nice. Up and out the door at 8am, I used my like Nikon Key session camera to take the pics.

The afternoon was spent with my Dad, on a walk and out for lunch before coming back to the house before dinner out. A nice wee day. Can’t help thinking I should have asked him if he wanted to fly my kite on Friday when it was windy though. 😉

Now let’s see if I can do 80 miles in December… only 75.6 miles to go.

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