Wk47 into Wk48

Last week I went back to strength training after a wee two week break, and after a full body strength session on Monday I felt it.

Deadlifts with 51kg, then Reverse Lunges, Bent over rows, single legs squats and trx Press Ups, followed by a finisher of step ups and squat to presses.

On Tuesday I felt fine, and did a 5k lunchtime run with colleagues, then by Wednesday I was a little sore with day 2 DOMS.

Double that up with the first day of the month (I’ll not go into detail here), but I felt a bit wiped out and was having cramps and taking ibuprofen most of Wednesday. I had said I’d gym it on Wednesday night, but decided against it the more the day went on.

So I opted to have a rest day, which led onto another rest day on Thursday, and another on Friday. It was quite busy with work too, so I let that take over for a bit, and the rest probably did me good too.

I knew I was running coaching in Sunday, so I took the opportunity on Saturday morning to do an Upper Strength session, and felt good throughout it and afterwards. It felt like I’d worked, but not too hard.

So here’s what I did last week:

19: Full Body Strength 1
20: 5k lunchtime (Coaching chat PM)
21: Rest
22: Rest
23: Rest
24: Upper Body Strength 1
25: Coaching Tania 8.3M

58.3M for the month so far, and a little off track with my training, but the rest will most definitely do me good. I’d had a couple of broken sleeps through the week, and the lie ins up to 730am (Tue-Fri) all did me good.

Next week I’m going to keep this weekend’s momentum up and get into the gym for my third Strength workout of this block. Lower body strength, then on Tuesday I’m busy at work but will aim to run before work, then in a coaching session with Audrey in the evening.

26: Lower Body Strength 2
27: 6M easy + (3M coaching PM)
28: Travel / Aberdeen / Rest
29: Aberdeen / 6M
30: KB 80/20 + Finisher
1: 7M Stonehaven
2: Travel / Rest

I’m up to 58.3 miles for November so far, and 908.3 miles for the year so far. And that’ll be about 70-75 and 920-925 by the end of November if I run the sessions as planned as above. Leaving 75-80 miles to do in December to meet my 1,000 mile target for the year. It might be a bit tight! 😳 (unless I get out running as per my plan!)

I’m away up to Aberdeen with work on Wednesday, so that’ll be a rest day. Then I’ll have some days at my Dad’s where I’ll be able to run a couple of times and do a kettle bell session in his garage. We usually get out for some nice walks and ice cream too, so I’m looking forward to that and to seeing him (and dropping their Christmas 🎄 presents 🎁 off).

Let’s see if I can keep the motivation and momentum up into next week. The following week I’m away to Salford with work on the Tuesday, then up to Shetland on the Thursday Friday, so I’ll try to keep things going and take rest days on travel days.

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