Black Friday Trainer deal for charity

Me and my trainer addiction has got me into a bit of a fix where I (rather embarrassingly) have two pairs of size 7 Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 trainers… that I haven’t worn outside… filling a space in my cupboard…

I ordered them online, tried them on around the house, but realised they weren’t for me and I liked my trusty Mizuno wave inspires instead.

Anyway, here’s their description from Start Fitness :

Each pair is brand new and unused and size 7 (but without a box)… and I had thought about selling them, but I bought them maybe a year ago now… and it’s hard to sell such specific trainers… so here’s my idea…

If you want a pair of them, you can come collect them, or I’ll post them to you. All I ask is you give a little back.

I asked some Facebook friends who their favourite charity was, and Wilma Kyle, a regular follower of my blog said this:


So if you’d like one of the pairs, comment on here or on my Facebook page post and let me know, or email me on lorn to let me know you’d like to try them / have them, and please donate something to Parkinson’s Self in Airdrie – you can donate here:

(Let me know which colour you’d prefer too.)

First come first serve. The trainers are selling for £60 online, but a kind donation to the charity above will get you one of these pairs of brand new, unused Mizuno Wave Catalyst trainers.

You can give what you want / can afford, it doesn’t need to break the bank or be anywhere near the online price. They’re better off on your feet than not being worn by me!

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