Results into Wk46 and beyond

What we do affects what happens to our bodies… and don’t I know it.

From drinking and eating lots until I was about 28… roll on near obesity and high levels of body fat, to giving up booze, and starting training for marathons mixed with strength training… roll on dropping two stone and becoming the fittest I’ve ever been from around 2014 to now.

Now I’ve put about a stone back on but my body composition is so different to when I started training to lose weight over ten years ago. I don’t really mind what I weigh anymore, as long as I’m still keeping fit and getting or running strong.

Now this year, I the numbers show a clear but very small difference in how what I have done has affected my body composition (but my overall weight not so much).

From June to September before a two week holiday I was mostly running between 4-21 miles a week. No strength work – my Garagym was abandoned in favour of the tarmac.

At the start of June, I was 139lbs, with body fat of 16% / 22.3lbs. Lean body mass of 80.4% / 111.8lbs. Here’s me in June.

Then 13 weeks later, at the start of September, I was just 2lbs lighter, 137lbs. With a drop in body fat of 0.5lbs and a drop of lean mass of 1.5lbs. Not much change.

I’ve learned to get a balance between what I eat and what I burn, hence not much change in my weight. I lost most of the weight from lean mass anyway. Here’s me in September … not much change, see?

In October I focussed on strength training and 100 miles running, 12 strength sessions in about 5 weeks. My body fat dropped from 21.6lbs to 19.2lbs – down 2.6lbs. And my lean mass went back up to 112lbs (up 1.6lbs). Still not much change, but heading in the right direction.

See what strength training does? Makes you stronger. Funny that. 😉

I like to see the numbers to show me how the effort I’m putting in is paying off.

The last two weeks I’ve take a break from it. Partially because I’ve been travelling but also to give my body a bit of a rest.

I’m back in the gym on Monday morning, for 5 weeks up to Christmas. Aiming for three sessions a week when I can, and regular running. I’ll also be a little more careful about what I eat (eat more like an athlete, and less like a greedy runner eating everything in sight).

Here’s what I did last week:

12: KB 80/20 Strength
13: Rest
14: 5k / Massage (ouch)
15: 7.2M effort
16: Rest
17: Rest
18: 4.4M easy

Not many miles, a wee recovery week after quite a few miles the week before.

Here’s my plan for November into December, plus some coaching sessions:

19: Full Body Strength 1
20: 5M + 5k (Coaching chat PM)
21: Upper Body 1
22: 9M incl 5k effort
23: Lower Body 1
24: Rest
25: Coaching 8M


26: Fully Body Strength 2
27: 5k + Coaching PM
28: Travel / Aberdeen
29: Aberdeen / 5M
30: KB 80/20
1: 7M Stonehaven
2: Travel

87M (85-90 for November)

3: Lower Body Strength 2
4: 5M + 5k
5: Upper Body Strength 2
6: Travel / Shetland
7: Shetland / Travel
8: 8M
9: Rest

10: Full Body Strength 3 / Coaching PM
11: 5M + 5k
12: Lower Body Strength 3
13: 6M
14: Upper Body Strength 3
15: 10M
16: Rest

17: Full Body Strength 4
18: 5M + 5k
19: Lower Body Strength 4
20: 6M
21: Upper Body Strength 4
22: 8M
23: Rest

So a few wee bits of travelling will mean I’ll mix things up a bit, but for the most let I’ll aim to get in the gym on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Running Tuesday Thursday and one day at the weekend.

I’ll take my kettlebell to the north east with me, but I think I’ll maybe not take my trainers to Shetland…it’ll be dark a lot of the time possibly, late sunrise, early sunset.

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