Wk44 into Wk45

I’ll have done a bit of travelling in the last week…but I’ll have still managed 5 runs / 28 milesish, and one part Strength session. I did the first set of Deadlkfts @51kg, then did the second and third set and decided enough was enough (sets 4 and 5 and a finisher would have been the end of it).

After doing strength throughout October I fancied a week off it this week, and managed a half workout in Monday; then travelling kept me sticking to just running.

Here’s what I’ll have done in the last week:

5: Full Body Strength 4 / Coaching 3.2M
6: AM 5.7M wi Twinnie
7: Coaching 3.2M
8: Rest / Travel to Inverness AM
9: Rest
10: Wick / 6.2M
11: 5M wi Ewen

27.8M in November

I also met some very special 7 week old twins – my best friends new babies – Magnus and Finn. Gorgeous, and oh so tiny.
Then this weekend was spent as a fly trip to Wick to see some of my family on my nephew’s birthday (and some kite flying fun).

Here’s what I’m planning next week:

12: Upper Body Strength 1
13: 5M + 5k lunchtime
14: 6M / Massage
15: Rest / Travel Edinburgh
16: Lower Body Strength 2
17: 9.5M incl 5k Victoria Parkrun
18: Full Body Strength 2

I might not manage the three strength sessions, but I’ll take it as it comes.

I did a couple of coaching sessions with Susan and Audrey earlier in the week. They both worked hard with determination and grit, and set new goals for the coming 6 months or so.

My favourite run this week was running in Wick on my own. Running around the streets of my childhood, knowing every twist and turn, street, hill and stairs. Seeing all the sights from over 20 years ago, noticing much more than I did when I was a kid. It was pretty windy, but a good run all the same.

I love the big skies, and the raging seas. (And the wind for the magic kite flying!).

I’ve got a bit more travel coming up… Edinburgh next week, Aberdeen the next… then Shetland has been confirmed at the start of December. I wonder if I should take my trainers and running gear with me?

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