Getting about a bit…

I’ve realised that November is going to be a bit of a busy one for me, with a lot of travelling… some for work, some visiting family and friends. I’m really looking forward to all of it. 

Last week I was in London co-ordinating interviews for one of the many jobs we’re hiring. The day in new broadcasting house went smoothly and so did the travel. 

Then today I’m in Edinburgh for another set of interviews. And back to Edinburgh in the middle of the month. 

Next week I go to Inverness with work, then up to Wick to see some family. 

And at the end of the month, Aberdeen with work and Stonehaven to see my Dad. 

In and around all of that I’ve planned my training for the month, taking rest days around my travel, and fitting in my running and strength training around working away and visiting friends and family. 

3 runs a week including some coaching in November, and 2-3 strength sessions a week. Picking socialising / being with friends / family over exercising. 

December might hold another trip even further north (to Shetland maybe), but we’ll wait and see if that happens. 

Feeling rather fortune right now. 🙂

(The last post didn’t work, but this one hopefully will).

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