BMI & Obesity – where are you on the UK fat scale?

I came across this article the other day on the BBC News website – you plug in your details and you see what your BMI & health risks are and you can compare yourself to others in your country –

My Dad who was a GP always kept BMI in his mind (and in mine) and at the one stage in my life when I was verging on going into the oversight category, he mentioned it to me, and I got my shot together and lost weight – see my weight loss journey here:

BMI is probably a very outdated measure of whether someone is overweight or not, but I still think it gives a rough idea for the general population … even though it doesn’t work for very muscular people. It’s a good guide.

Now at 63kg, and as someone who weighs myself regularly, I knew my BMI was in the middle of the healthy range. I thought it was interesting however, to see the comparison against others in my age group in Scotland.

My BMI is lower than almost a third of women in my age group… and almost two fifths of women in my age group in Scotland are overweight, obese or very obese.

And it’s more or less the same for all women in Scotland. And perhaps the best, more modern way of establishing health, waist size, if it’s under 80cm, then it means less health risks.

Where are you on the scale and if you are outside the healthy range, what will you do to change to get into the healthy range?

Click the link at the top of the page to check out what your numbers are.

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