Wk43 into Wk44 & October Results

Last week I got loads of running done – up to Friday I’d run 26.2 miles in a week, and had already run four times (five including the Sunday before).

I’ll have run about 85 miles for the month by Sunday, and I’ll probably do 95 miles in October – 10 miles ahead of my monthly target. 🙂

I’d had a bit of a less active week the week before, and even managed to take a rest day on Monday instead of my originally planned 10 mile long run. I listened to my body and knew I needed another day of rest.

This last week I was keen to be more active and still keep on top of my busy workload in work.

Then here’s what I did, training wise:

22: Rest
23: Full Body Strength + 5k lunchtime
24: 9M tempo
25: London – 6.7M easy
26: Upper Body Strength +5k lunchtime
27: Rest incl Bella Park Walk
28: 5k Moira’s Run (+5M run there and back)

A day and a bit in London with work on Wednesday into Thursday, and a lie in on Friday. I needed a good wee rest day on Saturday (eating, shopping, a park walk and picking up some leaves). And I’m looking forward to the extra hour in bed tonight.

This week will be 5 runs, two flights, one hotel, two strength sessions and two rest days. I’ve been eating a lot, but my sleep could be better. A couple of restless nights… I’ll need to get that back on track.

I’m doing Moira’s 5k tomorrow, in Queens Park, which I’m looking forward to, too.

Then next week, here’s what I’m planning:

29: Lower Body Strength
30: 6.7M + 5k lunchtime (to get to 95M)
31: Full Body Strength
1: 6-8M easy
2: Rest / Travel with work
3: KB 80/20
4: 5M

I’ll have finished my 4 x 3 days a week if strength training in October…

… and now here’s my results after a month of incorporating strength training into my routine:

3 Oct – 138.4lbs / 16.2% body fat
22.4lbs body fat / 116lbs other
80.2% muscle mass = 110.9lbs muscle mass

27 Oct – 138.5lbs / 14.5% body fat
20lbs body fat / 118.5lbs other
81.9% muscle mass = 113.4lbs muscle mass

So I’ve kept my weight more or less the same, but I’ve lost 2.4lbs of body fat, and I’ve put on 2.5lbs of muscle.

What did it? 12 strength sessions and 90 miles running (17 runs) and plenty eating and sleeping.

Probably the 12 strength sessions, as the other things would have probably been the same. Squats, Deadlifts, Clean n Presses, Press Ups, KB Swings, Weighted carries … you name it. Lifting heavy stuff and working hard at it.

Now, lets compare that to FIVE years ago – my weight & body fat on 31 October 2013:

31 October 2013
124lbs / 11.5% body fat
14.3lbs body fat / 109.7 lbs other

Just over a stone lighter then… (pic below, after I finished my marathon pb in 2013)…

… since then I’ve put on over 5lbs of body fat, and nearly 9lbs of other (including lean body mass)…

… maybe my brain and / or ass got bigger? 😉 ha!

Either I was way maybe too skinny then, or now I’m carrying the extra weight well?

Maybe weight isn’t everything, body composition and getting a good balance with it, is key.

Or maybe I’m fit, healthy and happy and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Now back to my running …

If I do 95 miles in October, I’ll be at 845 miles for the year, leaving 155 miles to get to 1,000 mile goal for the year.

So I’ll see how I get on in November, and I’ll maybe aim for 80-85 miles in November and 70-75 miles in December. 🙂 and I’ll keep aiming to do three strength sessions a week, increasing the weight each time.

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