New Mizuno Sonics

I usually run in a supportive shoe – my usual runners are Mizuno Wave Inspires, structured and supportive running trainers for long distance running. I really like my purple ones, but I’ve had red ones and pink ones, black ones and blue ones.

These are my light blue ones, which are probably on the way out… (they’re starting to smell a bit – eeeek)… and I decided it was time to get a pair for speedwork / 5ks to replace them.

In comes Mizunos new entrant for racing – the Sonic. At 190 grams, they’re 25% lighter than my inspires. I tend to cycle through my trainers, having two or three on the go at once, so these will replace my light blue ones.

The sonics probably not for long distance running, I’ll keep my mizuno wave inspires for that.

Here’s them on my feet… purple blue and white with green soles. Snazzy. They fit like a glove and feel like slippers!

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