85 mile target for October

After last year’s monthly target of 100 miles a month, I realised that I found a lot of motivation in aiming for an achievable and rounded monthly mileage goal.

100 miles was ok when I was training for marathons, but usually in winter my running mileage tends to decrease when I get into the gym and the weather gets worse. This year, I’ve not bothered with aiming to get to the lofty heights of 100 miles a month, but I have rounded my monthly mileage up to then nearest 5 miles.

In the last three months of this year, if I aim for 85 miles a month, I should get my annual mileage to 1,000.

What better motivator than that (for an anal numbers minded person like me!?)? Do all runners with gadgets think like this?? Or have I taken it a bit far? Lol

For October I’ve created a daily plan including running, Rest and strength training. To help me get to 85 miles this month, as well as focus on strength training as another part of my training. I saved it in my draft emails and tweaked it as I went. Each week, ticking off my mileage to keep me on track.

Today I ran 4.1 miles with Fit Girl, to the Transport Museum and back, and this got my monthly mileage up to 55 miles. Right on target for where I’d planned (even though I swapped a rest day today, having taken one on Thursday). It was a bit blustery, and I did it AFTER a nap, but I’m glad I did it.

As well as running on Tuesday x2 this week, I strength trained on Wednesday and Friday and took another rest day on Saturday (an hour walk). So although I haven’t done much running, I’ve been active.

I can see how well I’m doing against my mileage target by comparing percentages of how far through my miles I am, versus how far through the month I am.

55 miles / 85 miles = 65% of my target
21 days / 31 days in October = 68% of the way through the month, so I’m just a little behind.

30 miles to go, and 11 days to go… but I have 4 strength sessions to do and will need / want a rest day. My shorter runs (a couple of 5ks) won’t do my mileage goal all that much, but I should be able to achieve my target if I do something along the lines of:

(And I might run a little further than 5 miles when I’m in London, we’ll see.)

It means a long run before work on Monday morning, so I’ll be sure to be up and out early for that… and I bet I won’t be looking as spritely as I was after my blustery run today… but the run at lunchtime on Tuesday should be fun, as will the early run in London in Thursday morning and Moira’s 5k in Sunday.

I also ant to get some speedwork in to tune up my legs for Sunday’s 5k in Queen’s Park.

What motivates you to get out running?

Mileage goals?
Running with others?
Your running group / club?
The feeling you get after it?
Health benefits?
What else?

(I get a bit of motivation from all of these).

After October I should have around 190 miles to get to 1,000 miles for the year… and hopefully the colder winter weather won’t get in the way of my goal if I plan my running out well, and keep motivated to do it.


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