Wk42 into Wk43

Last week I did three strength sessions and two runs. I’m still hopefully going to get my third run in over this weekend, but we’ll see. I listened to my body on Thursday and instead of an early run, I stayed in bed a bit longer for some more sleep.

15: Full Body Strength
16: 5.5M incl tempo + 4M ints 35 mins lunchtime
17: Upper Body Strength
18: Rest
19: Lower Body Strength
20: Rest (or 4M Run)
21: Rest

I’m busy this weekend, but I might manage to fit in a wee 4 miler. I’ll just take it as it comes. The run at work at lunchtime on Tuesday was successful – 7 people, most doing intervals for a wee change.

Next week I’m away to London with work, staying bear NBH I hope to get up early on Thursday morning and do a run around Regent Park perhaps. Last time I was down there in March 2017 I ran 9 miles around and between Regent and Hyde Park, but I may have less time, this time.

Long run on Monday morning anyway, so I’ll be up very early for that.

22: 10M easy
23: Full Body Strength + 5k lunchtime
24: 45 mins 8 x2:2
25: London – 5-9M Regent Park
26: Upper Body Strength
27: Rest
28: 5k Moira’s Run

Then at the end of the week I have Moira’s Run – a 5k event in Queens Park. Entries might still be open on entry central. It’s in remembrance of Moira Jones, the woman who was murdered in the park around 10 years ago. A good wee event for a good cause.

I’ll leave you with this nice still picture from Monday… I do like this time of year in Glasgow.

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