Foxy’s Garagym 🦊

Since I set up my gym in our garage… I’ve been slowly adding to it with bits and pieces to make it what I want. I started doing it up in April 2017 and it was ready for use in June that year.

It started off as a shell, and I cleaned it out, painted the floor and one of the walls. Then I got some shelving to put in it, and some flooring. We got electricity put into it, and got some flooring to make it into a gym.

Bikes up on the wall / hanging from the roof. Then I couldn’t help myself and I got a mascot – a Fox doorstop – Foxy … then I made a logo… (in Excel of all places!) and got a couple of signs made.

I moved my squat rack in there, and my weight plates (2 x 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, 2x5kg, 2×2.5kg, 2×1.25kg plates). Two Olympic barbells – a short 12kg one for Squats, a long 16kg for deadlifts etc. And I put a mirror in front of the squat rack so I can see my form.

Two sets of dumbbells (2 x 12.5kg, 2 x 8kg), four kettlebells (16kg, 2 x 12kg, 8kg). A step, a TRX, two mats, and an Ikea shelving unit on it’s side.

Then at Christmas 2017 I bought a spin bike, and put an old telly in there, with a DVD player linked to it. And I have a Bluetooth speaker in there for tunes.

Once it was mostly set up I got this mega banner for inside of it, to cover one of the walls … (and to make me think I’m working out in the forrest. Lol.) 3.5m x 2.5m!

(Oh and there’s a wee fan heater in there for the autumn winter when the temperature drops. Just now it’s about 9’C when I’m training out there in the mornings, but the heater gets it up to about 12-13’C).

A gym ball, a foam roller, and a foot massager, and the most recent thing I got was a Mirafit box to do step ups / jumps on (no pictures of that yet).

Now I’d better make the most of it, eh?

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