Wk41 into Wk42 & results

Two weeks into my new Strength and running routine and I’m feeling good and making some progress. I’m getting plenty sleep (touch wood)… and I’ve done all of the sessions I planned to.

I did switch things about a bit last week and had a rest day on Thursday, but still managed to run four times for a total of about 22 miles.

I had a speed session planned – a 35 mins 10×1 min fast, 1 min recovery, but opted for social lunchtime runs instead. I might do that one this next week, or I might stick to social runs / running with others for motivation. Or i might ask a crazy colleague (Lauren??) if she wants a wee speedwork challenge?

Our lunchtime running group at work is going well, I’ve done about 4 lunchtime runs so far, two on Tuesdays as part of a group and 2 other days with just one other to run with.

This next week is ‘October Week’ so some people will be on leave, but it’s good to see that others are setting aside about an hour on a Tuesday lunchtime to run. I think there were about 7-9 people out last Tuesday. 👍🏻

My two strength sessions up to Saturday were fine, and I might do my third Strength session of the week today (Sunday), or I might leave it to Monday morning and have a wee weekend rest day.

Here’s what I did last week:

8: 7M easy before breakfast
9: 5k lunchtime
10: Upper Body Strength
11: Rest
12: Lower Body Strength + 3.4M lunch
13: 8M nearly tempo in the rain
14: Full Body Strength

On Thursday and on Saturday, I very nearly stayed in bed rather than running. (On Thursday I did stay in bed, but I probably needed it).

On Saturday morning I was lying there trying to come up with excuses to put it off – it was raining, bed was warm and comfy, I could do it the next day, Fit Girl wasn’t running…. But I dragged my ass out of bed at 8am and got it done. And it was a good run that I’m glad I made the effort to do.

I got to try out my new Garmin 645 … and although I didn’t use it to it’s full potential (with music via some playlists I still need to load on it), it was a good watch to run with. I need to sort my Mac and playlists, but I won’t go into that on here.

On my Saturday long run, I put the ‘metronome’ on at 180 and ticked along with my cadence at 180, about 5 beats higher than my usual. And I got to try out my new waterproof and reflective ASICS gilet too, which kept me nice and dry, even in the heavy persistent rain.

I’m up to 41.4M for the month so far, which is bang on for my 85 mile goal… I just need to keep momentum for my running, and keep it steady to the end of the month and stick to my plan.

Here’s my plan next week, with a possibly swap of he full body workout for the upper on Monday, or I take a rest day today.

15: Upper Body Strength (maybe run at night wi Fit Girl).
16: 6M incl tempo + 5k lunchtime
17: Lower Body Strength
18: 45 mins hills or 35 mins 10×1:1
19: Full Body Strength
20: Rest
21: Rest

And here’s the results of my change of activity in the first half of October… incorporating strength work 2-3 times a week (with not much change to my diet) has led to this change:

3 Oct – 138.4lbs / 16.2% body fat
22.4lbs body fat / 116lbs other
80.2% muscle mass = 110.9lbs muscle mass

14 Oct – 136.7lbs / 14.8% body fat
20.2lbs body fat / 116.5lbs other
81.5% muscle mass = 111.4lbs muscle mass

-1.7lbs in overall weight = -2.2lbs body fat, +0.5lbs muscle – in two weeks. I’ll take that.

My waist cm is still the same, but that might go down if I keep dropping body fat.

Not bad for two weeks in the Garagym plus consistent running. 👍🏻

Hopefully I’ll keep up this progress as I go through October, November and December.

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