Wk40 into Wk41 including coaching

Last week I had my first week back in the gym since about August, and I did a few runs too. A couple of lunch time runs, and a coaching session on Saturday. That was after running / pacing Audrey at the Glasgow half last Sunday.

I had a great time helping Audrey and she smashed through her goal. She finished in around 2:17 (chip time), 2:16 on my Garmin. 4 minutes ahead of her goal. She did really well and I was glad to be able to help her. I really like Audrey’s determination in her training and in races.

I also met Susan along the route who I know from days before… she’s training for the London marathon next year, so I’m going to meet her next week to see how I can help her. It’s great to be able to share my knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

I felt fine after the half on Sunday, and got a good sleep that night, so I decided start my strength training as planned, on the Monday (1st October). Here’s what I got up to:

Mon: Upper Strength
Tue: 3.1M lunchtime run
Wed: Rest
Thu: Lower Strength
Fri: 3.8M lunchtime run
Sat: 10M coaching
Sun: Full body Strength

On Friday and Saturday my legs were a little sore after Thursday’s Strength session, but ok for my 11.5 mile coaching session with Lisa on Saturday.

Lisa is training for the Dublin Marathon at the end of October, and her training is going well so far. I did the last 11.5 miles of a 20 miler with her on Saturday …she’s running well, and I’m sure she’ll do well for the marathon which is just in a few weeks time.

Taper time for her now. (This is us at the end – Lisa looking good after having running strong for 20 miles – me after 11.5 miles…. I think we just have been lumped full of endorphins lol).

I’m aiming to do 85 miles running a month until the end of the year – so I can get to 1,000 miles for October. I’d better haul my ass out of bed on a morning or I’ll be missing my target… 3-4 runs a week should do it. And I’ve entered Moira’s 5k Run at the end of this month.

Here’s what I’m doing with my training… aiming for 3 strength sessions and 3-4 runs a week, if I get 2 strength and 3 runs done, then that’ll do.

Mon: Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: Strength (or Rest)
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength (or Run)
Sat: Long Run (or Strength)
Sun: Rest (or Run or Strength)

I need to be pretty flexible with what I do when, because work can be pretty busy and put my routine off. But if I get my sessions done in the morning (or lunchtime) I should be able to get my training in. And I’ll insert Rest days if I really need them too.

Here’s my strength sessions that I’ve formulated. I’ve also got the option of body weight strength or a strength circuit if I’m away or if I’m short on time:

1 – Squat 32kg 3×6, 1xAMRAP 32kg x20
2 – Romanian Deadlift 3-4 36kg AMRAP x18
3 – Split Squats 3-4 x8-10 22kg / Single Leg Deadlift 3-4x10es 8kg 4 – Hip Thrusts 3-4 10 15kg / TRX Leg Curls 3-4×10
Finisher – timed
3×6 Clean n Press 24kg+ / 3×10 Press Ups / 5×10 KB Swings 16kg in between

1 – Barbell Clean n Press 3×8, 1xAMRAP 19kg
2 – Squat to Press 3×8 2x8kg
3 – BB Bench Press 3×10 17kg / TRX Row with holds 3 x10
4 – BB High Pulls 3×10 21kg / DB Chest Fly 3×8 2x8kg
Finisher: 21,15,9 – timed
KB Swing 16kg / KB Goblet Squats 12kg / Press Ups

Full Body
1 – Deadlift 41kg 3×6, 1xAMRAP 41kg
2 – Press Ups AMRAP / KB Swings 16kg AMRAP
3 – Single Leg Squat to Box 3-4×8-10 / TRX Atomic Press Up 3-4 x8-10 4 – Reverse Lunges 22kg 3-4 x10es / BB Bent Over Row 31kg 3-4×8-10 Finisher: 3×1 min Suitcase Carry 30kg
or 10:1 Press Ups / KB Swings timed

I did Upper on Monday, Lower on Thursday and I’ll do full body on Sunday. Then I’ll do my do Upper again on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Better get back into making good use of Foxy’s Garagym.

I’ve got a sort of plan for my runs, but I’ll take them as I come. And I might be doing some more coaching in the later months in the year – more chances to help people with their running, with accountability and hopefully helping them believe that they can be amazing at running and achieving their goals. 👍🏻

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