85 miles and Strength for October

Here’s my training plan for October… lets see what I can get up to.

The aim is: 85 miles running culminating in a 5k race (Moira’s Run in Queens Park at the end of October)… around 3 strength sessions a week and around 5 rest days in the month:

1: Upper Body Strength
2: 5k lunchtime run
3: Rest
4: Lower Body Strength
5: 3.8M wi Twinnie
6: 11.5 miles (coaching wi LIsa)
7: Full Body Strength

18.6M … 66.4M to go

8: 7M
9: Upper Body Strength + 5k lunchtime
10: 35 mins 10×1:1
11: Lower Body Strength
12: Rest (or 5k if missed on Tue)
13: Full Body Strength
14: 8M easy

40M … 45M to go

15: Upper Body Strength
16: 6M incl tempo + 5k lunchtime
17: Lower Body Strength
18: 45 mins hills
19: Full Body Strength
20: Rest
21: Rest

54M … 31M to go

22: 10M easy
23: Lower Body Strength + 5k lunchtime
24: 35 mins 8 x2:2
25: (London) – 5M tempo
26: Upper Body Strength
27: Rest
28: 5k Moira’s Run

79M …6M to go

29: Full Body Strength
30: 6M
31: Upper Body Strength

85M plus 4 and a bit weeks of strength training (if my maths is right). (And some of the runs might turn into coaching or social runs, or I’ll add the coaching runs on.)

I’ll print this off and tick it off as I go. Need to get out of my bed for these ones!

What are you getting up to, training wise, in October? 🙂

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