Wk38 & 39 into October

It took a week or so for me to get back into a normal pattern after being away, but by last weekend I was almost there. I’d told myself I’d run 9-10 miles the day we came back (Saturday)… but I went to sleep instead… and my long run was eventually pushed to the Tuesday.

Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tue: 9M
Wed: 3.1M
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5M
Sat: Rest
Sun: Scottish HM 13.1

Then I got myself back into a routine with work and did three more runs that week. One at lunchtime, one Friday morning and then the Scottish half (which made me feel tried and a little sore until about Wednesday). All fine though.

Then last week I took some rest at the start of the week and got a good massage on Tuesday, then did a lunchtime run on Thursday, an hour on Friday, rest on Saturday before running pacing for the half today.

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest & massage
Wed: Rest
Thu: 3.3
Fri: 6.7
Sat: Rest
Sun: 13.1

70 miles in total for September. I do like this time of the year, just before the weather tops off to be really cold and horrible, and when the mornings are dark and you run to the day coming up. Leaves falling all around you. It might be my favourite time of year to run.

In the last few weeks I decided I’d set up an informal lunchtime running group at work… not for me to lead, but for us all to meet up on a Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday) to go out for 5k.

I set up this page for my colleagues (only) to like and get info from: http://www.facebook.com/bbcscotlandruns
If you work with me, and fancy a wee run some lunchtime, why not like the page and see when they’ll be?

I ran at lunch time the week I came back, then again last week with a couple of colleagues Kirsty and Victoria… and the next one I’ve put in is on Tuesday next week. This will hopefully just help me (and others maybe) be motivated in the autumn and winter months to get out running.

Going forward, with the aim of around 85 miles a month, my plan is to do three runs a week, plus the lunchtime one. I was thinking I could run with Fit Girl one of the evenings as we liked doing that before, and maybe one with my work Twinnie if she’s up for it. Coaching might happen in the evenings / weekends too.

Wk0 – 17 Sep – 9, 3.1, 5, 13.1 race
Wk1 – 24 Sep – 3.3, 6.7, 13.1 easy

Plus 6M one evening / day a week from 1 Oct
Wk2 – 1 Oct – 35 min 1:1, 3.1 lunch, 10 easy
Wk3 – 8 Oct – 45 mins hills, 3.1 lunch , 6 tempo
Wk4 – 15 Oct – 35 min 5:5:5, 3.1 lunch, 7 tempo,
Wk5 – 24 Oct – 35 min 2:2, 3.1 lunch, 3.1 race

Runs will be Tue, Thu, Sat/Sun and maybe a Mon, Wed or Fri (lunchtimes). I’ll be focussing more on a bit if speedwork or hills, and social runs. With the 5k Moira’s run at the end of October.

On top of that I’m planning to pick up strength training again, back into the Garagym for three mornings a week – Mon, Wed, Fri.

I have this brilliant gym space in my garage so I better get back in it after a wee rest. 12 week plan til Christmas. Let’s see how much heavy stuff I can build myself up to lift. 🙂

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