New York City Central Park Loop

Well, that was worth getting up early on our penultimate day of our holiday in New York City to do. I wanted to run the whole way around Central Park, and I’m glad I got up early to do it.

Our hotel is around a half mile from Central Park, so I figured this was kind of a once in a lifetime chance for me to run around the whole of Central Park today. (We might be back, but not very soon.)

I figured the Park was about 2-3 miles up, and about a half a mile wide, so if I ran all the way around it, I guessed it would be about 6 miles. Half a mile from the hotel and back, and it was a 7 mile run, in exactly an hour (randomly).

I set my alarm for 6:15am and lay for a bit, then managed to realise it was all or nothing by 6:45am. Out the door by just before 7am, I ran along a quiet 77th street east towards the park.

Joining the numbers of runners already running, I headed anti clockwise, or South. It was pretty warm compared to what I’m used to 21’C but a bit cloudy and muggy – or ‘oppressive’ as the weathermen call it. It was still ok for running.

I ran my first mile pretty fast (8:00 min mile), and it felt like every mile after got slower, but I didn’t mind. It was just nice to be able to run around the whole of Central Park.

The bottom of the park (South end) was pretty busy, but it quietened off when you got to the top of the park (North end). The top also seemed to have a few long hills too (down and up) which was a bit of a challenge, but I just slowed it down and enjoyed it, taking in all of the sights.

I finished and ran up to exit at 77th street and got my pic taken. Then I met his guy… (I really don’t know who this one is – tut tut).

I saw a squirrel and a kid learning on a bike with her mum. And many many runners and cyclists. Up 77th street and a school was going in and kids were filling up the pavement so I opted to run along the cycle path for a bit, which worked fine.

A good way to start our day, now I’m off for a big breakfast to keep me going. 🙂 ps. I was a bit of a hot sweaty mess at the end. Here’s the route (6 miles exactly along the road within Central Park).

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