New York City Parks running

We came back to New York City to spend a few more days here instead of at Bear Mountain (there’s more to do here in the rain). Three days left, and we’ve had a great time away.

We checked into a nice hotel (the NYLO) on the upper west side close to Central Park and the Museum of History, and we decided we’d take a nice easy run in Riverside and Central Parks this morning. It’s around 24’C and pretty humid… so what better way to see Central Park than running it?

We went along to nearly the bottom of riverside park at 72nd street, and on the way I’m told we passed Ben Stiller … he looked like he was walking his kid to school so we didn’t stop him for a pic (and I was too busy looking at dogs). Madonna lives on 81st apparently, I’ll keep an eye out for her whilst up here. 😉

Just as I started our run (after walking a couple of blocks to where we were going to start) I pressed my Garmin to go… and it basically died right in front of me.

You can’t see it here but it froze and a black mist came over the screen … then the screen went black – died right in front of me. Aahhhhh. (Luckily I had my Apple Watch on, and Fit Girl was wearing her Garmin so I’d get the map etc from that). I’m charging it now and hopefully it’ll be ok.

Anyway, after my left arm fell off (my Garmin stopped working lol)… We ran all the way up riverside park, it seemed very much like a dog park, with lots of people out walking their dogs.

Fit Girl was in heaven seeing them all. Once we’d run mostly to the top of the park, we ran east towards Central Park and started nearly at the top near 100th Street.

We got onto the main drag and joined the hundreds of runners, walkers and cyclists that do this every day. We ended up getting down to strawberry fields before going back up the outside of the park to get home.

And I met this bloke near the museum of natural history… he’s famous I think? (Only kidding…).

Back at our hotel, we’d run just over 5 miles and a good way to wake up and see the sights. I’m not sure what we have planned today, probably some more eating, walking and sight seeing.

Here’s the map from Fit Girl’s Garmin:

Now, please pray with me that my left arm, I mean, my Garmin will be ok. 😉

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