Lots of walking in NYC

No running in the last week (or September) for me… but plenty of walking… I’ll write a summary of what we did in the last week with a few pics … but in the meantime, here’s some of where I’ve been (the Garmin maps went a bit funny – the distances were way out).

Lower West side… Chelsea, The High Line & Greenwich.

Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.

Here’s me on the High Line. 🙂

Times Square Central Park and the Empire State. And another day we did the One World Observatory and the 9/11 Museum etc on the first day, and some sight seeing, eating out and shopping today.

I made the mistake of not wearing trainers on the first two days (I wore Toms and Keens) and my feet were sore after the long walks. But my trainers on the next few days have me the support I needed (and some ibuprofen helped too).

On avg 23k steps a day… including some low steps days on Saturday and Sunday. Around 10-12 hour days. 164k steps in a week! No running, but plenty of walking, sight seeing and having fun.

I’ll need (and will get) a rest next week! 🙂

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