Half shut knife

It was all going so well with my sleep in the last few weeks… I was getting good long undisturbed sleep of around 7-9 hours. I wasn’t even thinking about it, it was just going well.

Work was ticking along nicely, as was other parts of my life… and stress levels were good or manageable.

My average sleep was almost 8 hours, 7.5 hours and then 8 hours a night for the last three weeks.

Then his week I noticed me waking at 2am a couple of nights and got up to distract my mind. Wednesday night I got a great sleep and woke before my alarm on Thursday (probably helped by a run on Wednesday).

Then last night I tried and tried to get to sleep, but 1am, 2am came and went and I ended up getting up to do something that was playing on my mind.

Work is cranking up with busy-ness in the next few weeks (and I know it)… then I’m off for a well earned few weeks.

Yesterday I was on a training course all day and cake out to a number of emails, and stayed a bit late (for a 10.5 hour day). I’ll deal with most of the emails, and the things I’m still to do, hopefully today.

I probably got about 3 hours sleep last night, but it’s Friday and I’ll be kept busy.

But if you see me yawning today, you know why. Looking foreword to some long sleeps (and maybe a nap or two 😳) at the weekend.

Ps: I like my coffee as a ‘regular latte in a small cup’. 😜

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