Good stuff – naw, magic stuff

I’ve been in my new role at work for just over 6 months, and each day I’m getting so much positivity and reward from it. Feeling full of purpose at work is helping me to feel good in all other aspects of my life – and it feels great.

Each day I’m getting the chance to use my knowledge, skills and experience to deliver for many people, and I get to work with and support and help many people too. It’s great.

Today alone:
– I fixed some things, and liaised with / helped a few people.
– I helped someone reformat their CV so that it looked ‘100 times better’ so she can use it in applying for a job (and it didn’t take me long). – I did some good prep for a busy week next week.
– Helped someone prep for an interview.
– Used my creativity and excel skills to make a really important document, for some quite important people. (And I pitched the document to the person who asked me to do it – the pitch went well).
– Used my creativity and PowerPoint skills to get a presentation together (still not finished).
– Delivered a report very quickly and just what the person had been looking for.
– Got a couple of emails back from my two new run coaching clients, where they said I really resonated with them and they got a lot from our first session the previous night.

All that in just one day. It’s magic, and the magic seems to be spreading into the rest of my life.

It’s cool how one simple change into a role that gives you a purpose and reward, can improve everything so much. My BBC family is pretty big after all those years of me being there. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to find a nice image and found this one: 🙂

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