New gadget – Nikon KeyMission 80

At the start of this year I treated myself to a GoPro 5 action Camera. The thought was I could use it on holiday (which we did in March) and maybe I could use it on runs.

But I quickly found that I did use it when I ran (it’s a bit too bulky and heavy) and I didn’t like the interface and the way it worked. (And I didn’t end up downloading the pictures for weeks after we’d been on holiday.)

Sure it was clever – you can talk to it and say ‘Gopro – take a picture’ and it does… but I found I wasn’t using it and decided to sell it.

It cost £269 new (with a 10% discount from Halfords) and I’d bought a few bits and pieces for it, like some accessories, a case and a memory card. But it just wasn’t for me.

So I ended up selling it all (on Gumtree) for what I paid for the camera. (I love how you can do that so easily nowadays with stuff you don’t need anymore!)

I know some people run with their phones so they can track their runs, listen to their music and take photos if they want. But I’ve never fancied using my phone whilst running, in case I smash it or drop it in water – plain and simple.

I was thinking about getting a lighter smaller camera that I could take on holiday and run with… and I came across this / the Nikon Key Mission 80.

A couple of years old now (it came out in 2016), upgraded versions have come out in more GoPro type sizes & shapes (the 170 and the 360), but I really liked the shape, neatness, lightness and functionality of the KeyMission 80.

I got it earlier this week and tested it for the first time on Wednesday – it is well cool.

The key thing for me if I’m out running and wanting to snap photos of where I am is for the camera to be light, small and easy to use, as well as being durable and hardy. Also I’m keen to have a good quality photo of I can, and a good way to sync / upload the snaps / videos. The Nikon KeyMission 80 ticks all of those boxes.

Ideally I’d like to be able to easily access the photos / video / contest I take on a run and be able to use it for blogs and posts.

A few years ago I did have a very small camera that clipped on, but the quality was very poor and I ended up not bothering it. The upload process was clunky, and you never knew what you were really taking photos of. They turned out pretty crappy / unusable.

So after I stoped using it, if I saw nice things on runs, they just remained on the run / in my head, and were usually never captured in an image.

Hopefully that will change with this little magic gadget.

It’s very small – easy to fit into your hand, and can clip to a light magnetic frame, which you can then attach to your water pack or running belt. It’s just 75 grams in weight and seems very well made.

There’s a Nokia app, and when you take a photo pr video on the KeyMission 80, the photo or video then goes to the app and your photo stream seamlessly over Bluetooth. It’s very clever and works well.

Best of all it was nearly a third of the price of the GoPro (probably because it’s the third in its range of Nikon KeyMission cameras, but it still is a really good piece of kit). I got mine from Curry’s for £119 (and had a £30 voucher towards that), so got a great deal.

It has two cameras, the front one is a 12 megapixel camera, and the one on the back, you can use to take selfies – I think that one is a 4 mega pixel one. (Here’s one of me and my colleague Nadine at work, taken with the 4MP one.) It also has a light on the front which is easy to use.

The functions are simple, it’s easy to switch from taking photos or videos, and the automatic sync is genius. Another function is that you can set it up to automatically take pictures along a journey. So sat 5 minutes apart on a run. I’ve not tried this but it sounds good.

I got a 64gb micro SD card for it, a little hard case, and I might get a little wrist strap for it to prevent me dropping it. All in all it’s a great little camera and I’d highly recommend it.

To think in the early 80s my Dad used to have a massive Sony video camera, with a massive VHS tape recorder attached to it, AND he took a big SLR camera with us in holiday too. They all must have been the weight of a large child…and would have had a large case of their own!

This little camera is so dinky and high quality and just what I need it for. 👍🏻 I’m really looking forward to using it and testing it out. … ‘say cheeeeeeese’

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