Wk28 into wk29

Last week was really good training wise. 4 runs including a good and challenging long run. 3 strength sessions and a rest day after my long run.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Super Strength B / PM 3.1M easy
Tue: 7M easy
Wed: Super 5s & Finisher
Thu: 5k easy
Fri: Super Strength A
Sat: 10M incl 2x5k tempo / long (haircut)
Sun: Rest

This week I’m travelling to Aberdeen later in the week for work, so I’ll tweak things a little, but will hopefully do something along the ones if this:

Mon: Super Strength B
Tue: Run Coaching 4M
Wed: Super Strength A / Run Coaching 10k
Thu: Rest & Travel
Fri: KB 80/20 + finisher
Sat: 7-8 miles easy
Sun: Rest & Travel

I’m going to Turning Point Scotland at lunchtime on Tuesday so I might run there.

I’ll do a shorter long run this week then I’ll build my long runs up to about 15 miles in August, around visiting family.

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