I’m going to Turning Point Scotland HQ

You might remember, back in April, when I ran the London Marathon for charity… I raised money for Turning Point Scotland. You might have even sponsored me – and if you did you helped raise £1,300 plus gift aid to help homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. Thank you very much for your donations.


I was in touch with the people at Turning Point Scotland and I was able to ask them to use the money for specific causes. I chose homelessness as I hate it when I see it on the streets and I feel like I can’t do anything about it. I’m tempted to give them money, but then it probably wouldn’t be used in the best way… to help get them off the streets and their lives straightened out. And this is where Turning Point Scotland comes in.

You can read more about what they do for homelessness here – http://www.turningpointscotland.com/what-we-do/homelessness/

The Turning Point Scotland head quarters are around a half mile away from my house…and on Tuesday I’m going in to meet them and learn about what they’ll be doing with the money you’ve helped me to raise. Thanks again… I really appreciate your donations and hopefully they’ll help some people who are in need across Scotland.

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