Excusitus – Not enough time?

I was thinking the other day… when people say they don’t have enough time to exercise…

… there’s 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week… and even if you work full time / 40 hrs a week, there should still be plenty of time to exercise for your health and fitness.

My sister once asked me how I fit in exercise, but she realised that exercise is a priority for me, to keep me fit and healthy and happy. It’s a must, and it takes priority over many other things in my life.

Maybe it’s easier for me as I have a short commute and don’t have kids, but even with those demands on your time, it can still be possible to make the time to exercise for the good if your health – you just need to make it one of your priorities.

I probably exercise about 5 days a week, between 4-8 hours a week … which is about 2-5% of my hours in a week.

Now let’s break our weekly hours down…

– Work – 8 hrs a day / 40 hrs a week
– Commute – 30 mins a day / 2.5 hrs a week
(Times this by 3 as my commute is tiny! 1.5 hr a day / 7.5 hrs a week)
– Sleep – 8 hrs a day / 56 hrs a week
– Eating – 2 hrs a day / 14 hrs a week

That’s about 20 hours on a weekday or 128.5 hours in a week.

Say we add on 2 hours a day for house work or kids or other = +2hrs day, 14 hrs a week.

That’s 22 hours a weekday day / or 142.5 hours a week of our time used up… or…

… That’s around 85% of our week used up, leaving around 25 hours left to play with.

2 hours left on a weekday where we could exercise and it leaves around 15 hours left at the weekend, or 7.5 hours each weekend day to play with.

You could easy fit in 4-8 hours of exercise into the remaining 25 hours in the week.

Say 20% of the remaining hours or exercise or 2-5% of the week. (And it still leaves 17-21 hrs a week left for other stuff.)

All you need to then do then is prioritise and plan when you’ll exercise – for example:

Mon: 6am – 1 hr gym / Strength
Tue: 630am – 1 hr run
Wed: 6am – 45 mins gym / Strength
Thu: 630am – 1 hr run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8am – 1 mins gym / Strength
Sun: 8am – 2hr Run

(Or be flexible and do it in the evening at 6pm if you miss it in the morning for any reason).

The plan above is a potential of around 6 hours exercise (out of the training 25) for exercise / training, which could easily be fitted in around work / commute / sleep / children / play. Or you could even do it on your commute, or at lunchtime in your work.

Here are some tricks to use your time to exercise more, in the best ways:

– use your commute to exercise
– exercise at lunchtime
– catch up with friends on the run
– go for a walk in the park instead of sitting catching up
– set a daily or weekly steps goal or mileage goal and compete with others
– get an early night so you can maximise your sleep time AND get up early to train
– get support from your friends / family to few you up to exercise (whilst the kids are taken care of)
– invest in yourself, join a boot camp or hire a coach

– exercise when your kids are sleeping or at school or when your partner is around

Commit to spending 2-5% of your week on exercise and you’ll reap the rewards and you’ll not regret it.

It’s about priorities and making exercise something that you want to do. Set yourself some goals, get support to achieve them from family and friends, and go get it done.

I’m away to the Garagym to do a Strength workout. 🙂

Ps: hopefully my maths above is right!

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