What will you change to be the best you can be?

Is it time to make some changes in your life?

Here’s what you can do:

· Decide what it is you want to change.

· Give yourself a really good reason to make the change.

· Give yourself a positive goal to aim for.

· Let the people around you know you’re doing it so that they can support you in the change

· Measure your progress – tick off 3 runs a week, measure your weight / body fat / steps / progress.

· Be accountable to yourself, to a coach or a friend.

When I was at my heaviest (and unhealthiest)… I was drinking every weekend, eating out, enjoying life. I’d been going out with my other half for 2-3 years, had just started a new job and my Dad told me that I was looking ‘comfortable’. My BMI was verging on 25… and it was time to make some changes.

I decided I wanted to get fitter and healthier (my goal) and made some simple changes (weight loss and improved health became a result of my changes).

· I started running three times a week and went to the gym twice a week.

· I entered events (raised money for charity) and arranged to run with friends to keep myself motivated.

· I didn’t go on a diet as such, but was thoughtful about what I ate and consumed – I tried not to overeat or be greedy.

· I ate based on my activity, and exercise allowed me to create a bigger calorie deficit than I’d had when I didn’t exercise. (ie little exercise, less food, more exercise, more food).

· I measured my weight and body fat weekly and with the changes I made, I saw the weight drop off.

· After a few months, exercise and eating better became a habit and I’d managed to fit it into my lifestyle.

I lost around a half pound a week, and after 6 months I was down about a stone. I progressed my running on to endurance events, running further and longer… and I lost another stone over about a year.

In 2009 I gave up alcohol… mainly for health reasons but also so that I could train to the best of my ability (without hangovers). This saved me calories and money, and whilst I wouldn’t suggest everyone does it – it certainly worked for me.

Exercise worked to make me feel better and burn lots of calories (I aimed to burn 5,000 a week) and gave me a deficit in calories of what I ate (as long as I wasn’t greedy / eating everything in sight because I’d run).

My main reason or goal was to be as healthy and fit as possible (not weight loss) – (and because my Dad / someone who cared about me pointed it out to me).

Weight loss & fat loss became a result of my actions (exercising and eating in moderation) – it wasn’t a focus it was an outcome of the changes I’d made.

I achieved all of that by building my running up, strength training regularly and changing what I consumed so that I wasn’t being a greedy bas**rd who ate anything I wanted.

Now my weight loss / changes to my body, happens when I exercise regularly and be careful about what I eat.

Over to you….

· What is your main reason to make changes?

· What will your goal be?

· How will you achieve it / what will you change?

· Who will you be accountable to?

· How will you measure your progress?

Make small changes, fit them into your life and stick to them, and before you know it… your life, health and fitness will change forever.

Choose reasons for you (not for others), set goals which are achievable and enjoyable, get support from and socialise with others. Make small changes, improve your health and become a better version of you.

Want to read some more for motivation?

A good book to read about this is Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. Or if you want some help with what you eat, read Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald.

In Matt’s book he talks about the three things that people who lose weight do consistently:

1. Be active regularly.

2. Eat similar things each day.

3. Measure your progress, ie. weight / waist / body fat to see progress.

I don’t think it needs to be too complicated…we don’t need to do special diets, or juicing or shakes… just be aware of what you eat and fuel your body and weight loss according to your activity.

Some further links from me for inspiration:

Weight vs body far vs waist to height

My weight loss journey
Diets that don’t work

Finally, some people don’t like measuring weight (although I see it as a measure of if what I’m doing – eating / exercising is working or not)… you could usewaist to height ratio as a measurement instead.

What changes are you going to make, and what’s your reason for doing it?

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