30th pint of blood given

Yesterday I walked into town and gave my 30th pint of blood. I’ve been donating since I was 18… so it’s been 2-3 pints a year.

This time this year is my first time giving, I last gave in November last year, and I’ll remember to give another in October once the half marathon training is over. (You need to leave 13 weeks between donations). And I usually give around December January time too.

This time I was in and out very quickly, it maybe took 30-45 minutes max. I made sure to eat my tunnock tea cake and black currant juice, but also had something to eat and drink after it too.

Before they take your blood they do a wee finger prick test to check that your haemoglobin is over 12.5… mine was 13.0 yesterday so that’s good.

You might remember I had a cold a few weeks ago, but it had cleared up over a week ago and I’d stopped taking any medication, so I was good to give.

You can sign up to make an appointment or read more about giving blood, here: http://www.scotblood.co.uk

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