Summer into Autumn Training 2018

It’s safe to say that June was a bit of a write off for me training wise. (Which is fine, as it’s good to take some time off now and again – I see it as periodisation). I ran 50 miles and did a couple of strength sessions before taking some time out to recover from some bugs and pulled muscle (in my neck of all places).

I did a few runs and a couple of strength sessions before the women’s 10k on the 10th of the month, then went on to pull a muscle in my neck three days later. I’d recovered from that to do a 9 mile coaching session the weekend after, then I felt pretty gubbed after that, and realised why, when the cold hit me a couple of days after on the Tuesday.

It was full blown for my birthday on the 21st (Thursday), then I was careful to rest and only run if I really felt good and up to it. It was one of those annoying streamy colds, which hung around for about a week, and I was still feeling congested around two weeks after it started.

I’d done a few runs during this time, but the majority of the time was work, rest and sleep. Work was really busy, and it might have contributed a bit too bring run down, but either way, I’m back to full health now and my neck muscle is fine now too.

With nearly a month off Strength training and 12 weeks before the Scottish Half Marathon, I’ve come up with a plan which will hopefully get me motivated and back on it.

I’ll train in the mornings (I can’t motivate myself to do evenings unless I’m meeting or coaching someone)… before work, or before I start my day.

I’ll do at least three runs: Tue, Thu, Sat
And four strength sessions (some of these might be in an evening to get me a rest day, or it’ll be): Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

I’ll keep it flexible might swap a Monday with a Tuesday if I’m going to run with someone, or I might mix and match a bit.

My runs will build up my long runs to half marathon distance by 23 September (with a couple of weeks holiday at the start of September), and my strength training will be a mixture of the following:

– Super Strength A (lower & squats) (M)
– Super Strength B (upper & deadlifts) (F)
– Super 5s Strength (W)
– KB & Press Up Builds (MWF)
– KB 80/20s (Su)
– HIIT 25 mins (Su)
– Finishers (MWF)

My runs will be as follows (in miles):

2 July – 5, 5, 7 all easy
9 July – 4, 6 incl hills, 9
16 July – 4, 5 incl Tempo, 10-11
23 July – 10k, 4, 7 (Stonehaven)
30 July – 5, 35 min speedwork, 9-10
6 Aug – 5, 6 incl hills, 11-13
13 Aug – 5, 6 incl Tempo, 13-15
20 Aug – 5, 10k time trial, 8
27 Aug – 5, 45 min speedwork, 10
3 Sep – NYC: 2 – 15 Sep (4 & 6?)
10 Sep – 9 (on Sun 16)
17 Sep – 5, 4, Scottish Half Marathon 23 Sep – GSR TBC (maybe not)

(There will be some running coaching in there at points too, maybe in place of some of my own runs, or on top of).

Better get back in the gym and for for some runs to try out my new trainers soon, eh?

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