Half way through the year

Half way through the year, and June will be my lowest mileage month. Up to today, I’ll have run just over 45 miles, and I’ll run in Thursday and Saturday to bring it up to around 60 miles. That’ll be a low 10 runs this month.

I took a week off after the 10k, where I pulled a muscle in my neck (sleeping), then another week off after a 9 miler when the cold struck. I’ve listened to my body and given it the rest it needs, and I know I’ll be back to full health and running soon.

Here’s my monthly mileage for the year so far:
Jan: 100
Feb: 105
Mar: 100
Apr: 80
May: 75
Jun: 45.1 (60)

I’m picking my running back up in July and August, where I’ll train for the Scottish Half Marathon and get some strength work in too. June has been a good month to rest and recover (and I’ve been busy at work).

I’ve run just over 1,000 miles in 6 months, so if I keep the same sort of mileage going, I should make 2,000 miles this year. I might need to keep a focus on keeping my miles high in winter months (as Jan-March we’re marathon training months).

How many miles do you think you’ll run this year?

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1 Response to Half way through the year

  1. rjsmum says:

    Impressive mileage !! I’m aiming for 1000km, am over half way there. Hoping to increase as year goes on – also doing Scottish half! Currently recovering after The Highland Cross, maybe a gentle few miles tonight …

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