My stages of the cold

I’m writing this down so I remember for next time… the common cold doesn’t get to me often, but when it does, I’m floored in a streaming mess usually for 5 or 6 days. Great fun. But must be done.

I noticed I wasn’t quite right after the 9 mile run I did a week ago… I was tired as if I’d ran three times the distance. And even after the women’s 10k I was tired, so maybe it had been in my system trying to work on my for a couple of weeks.

Everyone is affected differently, and for me, I manage to stream from my eyes a nose pretty badly for 2-3 days. My body trying to get rid of the bugs. Here’s goes…

Day 1 (Tuesday) – a slight tickle in the top of my throat where the back of my nose meets my throat. A clear sign for me it’s about to start. I went an easy half hour run, and felt fine, it was ok then but I soon knew I’d be taking a break from running. Was ok at work, taking lemsip and medication to try and ward off the symptoms.

Day 2 (Wednesday) – the symptoms were a bit worse than Tuesday, but not too bad. Paracetamol seemed to be helping me feel ok, and work was manageable. I got through it ok, and did quite a lot of walking that day.

Day 3 (Thursday) – tears and snotters full on by now… still ok the medication and had to buy more. It was my birthday, and I’d unfortunately been struck down with this, so I could either give up and lie in bed all day, or medicate up and do as I’d planned and have a fun time.

We went quad biking and I felt ok most of the time. The fresh air felt good. Hankies at the ready and medicated just right. I was tired later on, but ate plenty calories that day to hopefully fuel my body to fight whatever was happening. We had 2-3 hours travelling, 1.5 hour quad biking and a lovely casual 1 hour walk down Puck’s Glen. Lovely.

Oh and I had ice cream later on too. This was me by the end of the night. Not very pretty. But I had great fun that day, and night even forget that I had a cold.

Day 4 (Friday) – the down day after my special day, I think this was me at my peak. Eyes streaming, nose full of whatever, face all sore and dry. We did not a lot, out for breakfast, then we went to the cinema (despite the lovely day), partially so I could rest and partially so I could sit in the dark / not have the light make my eyes stream.

By 3pm my body was gubbed and I managed to lie down in the spare room and nap for an hour or two. This was me at the peak of the cold, and I knew after that (from other colds I’d had) that I was on my way back up.

Day 5 (Saturday) – I got a good long sleep, interrupted only once by waking up at about 4am and getting up for an hour to clear my nose etc. My face was still sore, and I decided to stop taking the medication that dries you up… and just stick with paracetamol. I was very hungry and made sure that I ate plenty.

I felt a lot better and clearer when I woke up. Plenty food, a couple of lemsips, and a sore tender face. I was ok until about 3pm again, then felt burnt out again… I had an inadvertent lie down for a bit. I did feel much better but not quite right and more knackered as the day went on.

Day 6 (Sunday) – woke up with a stuffed up nose but all in all I got as nearly back to normal. I used the nasal spray to clear it – but I’ve had issues with it before ‘kickback’ so I’ll need to be careful with it. Anyway, hopefully this is the end of it and I can get back to normal soon.

Pity I had a cold over my leave days, but there it is. 6 days of a steaming cold and trying not to complain, but I probably did.

Medication taken:
– Lemsip OR
– Paracetamol & phenylephrine hydrochloride
– Ibuprofen
– Sudafed nasal spray (like otravine)
– Plenty water and food
– Sleep & rest

As long as I’m ok by Monday, I’ll take an easy week next week of training, a few runs… then into a 12 week plan building up to the Scottish half marathon at the end of September.

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