Rest and reading …

Last week was a busy one at work… I had a rest day on Monday and Tuesday as I felt a little tired / blurry vision after the 10k. The kind of tiredness I’d get after racing a half marathon or longer run…

I’ve really learned to listen to my body… so feeling tired as I did, and having s busy start to the week at work… I knew rest was best. On Wednesday morning I got up early and got dressed in my running gear, to realise I’d randomly pulled a muscle in my neck.

So I knew more rest (and a massage) was best. I took pain killers, and tried to get early nights where I could. By Friday it was wearing off and I was feeling almost better.

I had coaching sessions planned on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. But I unfortunately had to cancel the Thursday and Friday ones. Then knew I felt ok for the one on Saturday.

An easy long run with Lisa for the start of her training. I fuelled well for it and drank plenty. It should have been no biggie for me.

But then later on Saturday I felt pretty gubbed. Tired like I’d done three times the distance. And then Sunday went by in a flash. I got some good sleeps, and spent most of the day with my nieces for one of their birthdays.

Then back to a full on three day week at work… on Monday I was in a bit of a bad mood (but tried not to let it show to anyone)… i couldn’t really understand why. But I thought to myself if I went for a wee easy 30 min run on the Tuesday the endorphins might help.

The night before waking I woke up in the middle of the night, with a bit of a tickle at the back of my nose / throat. A sure sign for me of a head cold starting. A couple of days before a long weekend for my birthday on Thursday. Grrrrrt. Great fun.

Once I realised it was a cold working on me, and that was the reason I’d been feeling run down and tired for the last week or so, I felt pretty relieved. And started to take the usual paracetamol / lemsip at work to get me through.

It usually lasts for 5 days or so and days 2-3 are usually the worst / snottery-ist ! Ugggh. Oh well. What will be will be. I’ll listen some more to my body and give it a rest so it can fight off the little bugs.

Rainbows in Wick tonight in front of my brothers house to remind him to send me a birthday card / text / present. 😂 and I got some good positive news in work today, which is all good and going well.

Now I’m off work for a few days, with no plans to exercise until I’m over this wee cold. I’ll get back to it when I’m ready. I’ll listen to my body and once I feel ok, I’ll add another day of rest, then start up my training again.

That might be the start of July..,. And if it is, it’ll be around three good weeks of rest and recovery and a good transition period between training for London and the 10k and my summer / autumn training (strength & the Scottish Half).

In the meantime, I bought this book:

A wee bit of reading and inspiration for when I’m back on track.

Life is all about balance and these next couple of weeks I’m going to take care, have fun, eat well and get good sleeps.

I’ll let you know my plans for my next training block, once I’ve had some time to think about it and plan it.

Ps. My neck is much better, but I just sneezed 4 times in a row.

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