How does your garden grow?

I must be getting old… after adding plant after plant and seeds after seeds for the last few weeks… And seeing plants and bushes we planted last year and the year before, grow and bloom… it’s quite satisfying now, sitting in our garden watching it grow and watch the wee birdies come and go.

I planted some yellow canary creepers a few weeks back and they’re starting to bloom. So I’m setting them up with some string set out vertical so that they can climb up it.

Here’s the seeds I bought, two lots.

And here’s them growing next to the fence, and in the wooden planter above…and the pink pot at the top of the page.

I also got some campion red flowers which I’ve planted about.

And then there’s the wild flowers that are starting to take hold…

It was nice sitting in the sunny garden today, taking it all in and saying hello to the wee birdies who were getting their lunch. 🙂


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