It’s all falling into place – again!

Around this time 5 years ago… life was great, things were good and I wrote this little piece about everything falling into place:

At that time I was doing well in my full time job and enjoying it, I was teaching swimming and loving it, and I’d been doing running coaching for just over a year. We’d just bought our house, and were about to move in. Things were really good.

Since then, at the end of 2014, I quit swimming teaching at the weekends, mainly due to the politics, time to move on after 13 years teaching swimming on Sunday evenings. Then over the last few years my main work at the BBC had quite a few changes and challenges.

At the end of 2014, my aunt passed away and I was proud to have been there for her. I’d helped her in 2002 when my Granny passed away, and I’d learned a bit about what needs to be done then. I took ownership of my aunts arrangements.

And then at the end of 2015, we all probably know what happened in my personal life. I was thrown head long into the most challenging time of my life, after my Mum passed away. Two years of what felt a bit like a nagging injury, or a plaster being torn off, again and again and again.

What I did for my aunt was just a warm up for what those months and years had in store for me, up to November 2017. I was so pleased when it was all over.

Then I less than a month later, I got my reward… or my comeuppance…

… like all the effort and going through hell, was now being rewarded. Karma. Ying and yang… whatever you want to call it. And it seems to keep coming.

I got a new job, with a new purpose in work, and I’ve settled in well to the new role. I’m loving it.

I ran the London marathon this year, and now a month on I’m fully recovered and back training regularly – strength & running. Our garden is looking great, our home is ace, and things are good.

Now the piece I wrote is so true again, with a little tweak for 2018…

It’s all falling into place.
Little by little.
Piece by piece.
Everything is going so well.

It seems that everything is going so right.
For me in my life.
And for me and my wife. ;-P
Everything is as it’s meant to be.

It’s like nothing can go wrong.
Like anything I want, I eventually get.
Like I’m being rewarded for everything I’ve done, and for who I am.
Everything will be as I want it to be.

I’ve made little changes.
Bit by bit,
Step by step.
Everything is strangely working out really well for me.

It’s all falling into place.
Ambitions being realised.
Dreams becoming reality.
Everything is so great.

I’m feeling very fortunate.
My life is flourishing and
new opportunities are opening up.
I love my life, and I love how it’s all falling into place.

Step by step,
Little by little,
Bit by bit.
It’s all falling into place. 🙂


Funny how life is. 👍🏻

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