Wks19 & 20 into Wks21-23

The last couple of weeks, or last weekend into the early part of this week three my training into a bit of a tizz… I’ve been kind of playing a bit since the marathon, now I’d like to get a focus on 3 runs a week, and two strength sessions.

I could have run more when I was on leave last week, but I was on leave, and decided I’d be better off spending time with and having fun with the other half.

So I took Rest days on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday… and a wee fun forest run on Saturday. Back into it this week, I was off work on Wednesday, and took the opportunity to do my first Strength session of the week (outside in the sun!).

Here’s what I did in the last two weeks:

Wc 7 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Strength Circuit
Wed: Run 7.5M easy
Thu: Strength 3x8s + Squats 1/8 / Coaching PM
Fri: 5k Run lunch
Sat: Rest & Walks
Sun: 40 mins trail running / 15 min BW Strength & Walks

Wc 14 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Deadlift Strength 2/8
Thu: Intervals 8×3:3, 7.1M / Coaching 4.25M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Squat Strength 3/8 + Gardening
Sun: Rest & Walk

I ended up running twice and doing two strength sessions, plenty walking and some gardening.

The weather has been lovely which has been nice, and I had planned a long run on Sunday, but I think I’ll push it to Monday morning, and have another rest day.

Here’s what I was going to do… 9M incl 2 x 2M tempo, last 3M HR 165+, but I’ll do a version of it on Monday instead.

I’m 2-3 weeks into doing strength training again, and my body is still getting used to it, so buts are sore, and I’m not going to punish it any more with a long run today. I’m doing a variation of the circuit above which takes about 50 minutes, twice a week. Either deadlifts or squats as part of the initial set.

We did some gardening and lifting yesterday too, so there are some odd sore bits all over me. I was lifting and laying bags of stones in the afternoon.

The garden is looking nice now, I’ve bought and planted a lot of plants and seeds too. So it’s starting to all grow. I bought some plant food too, so hopefully that’ll do it all done good.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, we have a birds nest in the bush in our garden too, and I’ve bought s few more bird feeders and fat feed to hopefully attract more little birds. See the video of the babies tweeting on here: www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

I’ve met my steps target each day for the last 2 weeks… I seem to be being more active every day, as opposed to running long one day and not doing much the next day or two (with marathon training). Averaging 15-16k steps a day, that’s not bad.

I’m hoping to get settled into a routine of runs on Monday, Wednesday and Sat or Sun… (maybe Thu) and strength training on Tuesday and Friday, but it’ll be flexible.

Here’s the plans for the next three weeks ahead of the women’s 10k:

Wc 21 May

Mon: 8-10M incl 2x2M tempo, last 2-3M HR 165+
Tue: 5x1000m:400m / PM coaching chat
Wed: Deadlift Strength 4/8
Thu: 45 min easy (or 10k TT)
Fri: Squat Strength 5/8
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10k Time Trial

Wc 28 May
Mon: 10M easy
Tue: Deadlift Strength 6/8
Wed: Massage & Coaching PM
Thu: 5M first half 150HR, second half 165HR
Fri: Squat Strength 7/8
Sat: 8M easy
Sun: Rest

Wc 4 Jun
Mon: 3x1M Intervals
Tue: Deadlift Strength 8/8
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4-5M easy
Fri: 5k tempo (no strength until following week)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Women’s 10k

I think I’ll do some foam rollering later on today, maybe some painting and maybe a trip to the cinema. Oh and we’re hoping to book a holiday too – to the East coast of America in September.

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