Morning fuelling

I’ve written already about how I’m liking grapefruit in the morning… it’s well tasty (if a bit sour)… I have it after I run / workout. A whole grapefruit, sliced. Yum.

Well here’s my other bits of fuelling… I tend to run on empty when I run in the morning, maybe some water before I go. Anything up to 8-9 miles is on empty, and I’ll fuel before and during 9 miles plus.

The idea behind running fasted, is that your body goes to fat for energy, rather than sugar / carbs / glycogen. (Or rather than available fuel you’ve just eaten, as you haven’t eaten yet.) I’m not sure how much burning fat on empty works, but I feel fine running on empty in the morning (up to about 1:15).

Strength is a bit different in that sometimes I feel like I need a bit of sugar / carbs / energy to ensure I can train at the right intensity.

Recently I’ve been having a glass of this innocent smoothie with my grapefruit after I come in from exercise. (And not coffee, as I’ve mentioned before / I’ve kinda gone aff it).

For strength workouts, I take a banana and water into the garagym, incase I feel a bit weak / peckish, and either eat it then, or later in the day for some energy.

And I have an omega 3 pill and a multi vitamin each morning too.

Right now I’m having a play about with my energy, to see what will work, and hopefully prevent me from being greedy Lorn / eating everything in sight because I think I can because I run a lot. I’ll see how that goes.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing (above)?

Safe to say I’m feeling pretty happy these days. 👍🏻

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