Running in Dalbeattie forest

This morning we were up early to go out in the nice weather for a run in a forest near Dalbeattie.

We walked there last night to get our bearings, and got some nice pictures as the sun was going down. So we decided we’d go along there for a wee easy jog this morning.

We started the run just before 7…after a short drive to the car park. I used the walk jog run app on my phone to try to follow a route, but right from the start we were off track so I kind of made it up as we went.

The forest is used for mountain biking so has lots of trails, small and big. We filled the green trail for most of the run… the easy bike route.

And at one point we ran through a more wooden bit, before coming down towards a small lovely lake. I love forests… even though they’re a bit windy and you need to watch where you put your feet.

I spotted this big strange tree, the top leaning over the path.

Here’s me at the lake…. at this point a couple of dogs ran towards us, they and their owner was the first people we’d seen all morning in the massive forest.

We had a wee breather / stop at the lake and took it all in. It was a nice and easy run, my average HR was about 130.

Then we went back to ‘Craignair Cottage’ – which I’d highly recommend, and had a slap up breakfast. Yum.

But not before I did a quick bodyweight workout in the small livingroom which is attached to our room:

13 mins, 4 times:
– Squat x10
– Reverse Lunges x10es
– Press Ups x10
– Single Leg Deadlift 10es

I’m now sitting in the garden in the sun, listening to loads of bird song.

Back to the run, and Fit Girl was of course on the run with me… you might know she likes to keep herself to herself… but here are our feet at the end.

And if you look right in the distance in this pic, you’ll see her… running away from me. (I can’t think why…) … but I did need to catch up with her after taking the pics.

We’re here for a couple more days, and the weather is looking to be in our favour, so looking forward to some more adventurising in the borders. 🙂

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